Can Men Wear Pink? (5 Points)

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Can Men Wear Pink?

Can a man wear the color pink? Will pink look good on a man?

Of course he can—a man is free to wear whatever he pleases.

But why don’t more guys dress in pink? What exactly is the problem with it?

The color pink has evolved into a highly feminine color during the past 70 years. Many men avoid it since it serves as a gender marker for women.

Here are five reasons why I believe pink should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe.

History of Pink

We discovered that the working class wore pink suits when we read the classic book The Great Gatsby. Obviously, the pink suit didn’t have a feminine connotation in the 1920s. Instead, this was simply a piece of clothing worn by men.

That doesn’t strike me as anything that would be considered feminine.

When did pink start to be perceived as being more feminine?

It took place in the 1950s. People during that historical period were particularly interested in assigning gender markers to young children. Babies used to wear all white, making it impossible for people to distinguish between a boy and a girl.

People were able to quickly break this up with clothing, which allowed them to address babies in the appropriate manner.

Blue used to be connected to women in the past. It was connected to Mary, the Virgin. On the other hand, pink was linked to the color red, which was viewed as a warlike, extremely powerful color.

I want you to have that knowledge so that you may feel comfortable wearing pink without feeling self-conscious.

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Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s move on to the five tips.

You Are a Man

The fact that you are a man is the number one piece of advice for wearing the color pink with self-confidence. You can tell the world that you are a man without using a gender marker of color.

People can immediately tell you are a man when you step outside. You don’t need to rely on colors to convey that information.

When it comes to babies, I can understand it. They are less than one year old, and their hair isn’t all that long yet. Is the child you’re looking at a boy or a girl?

The key idea is that you don’t need a certain color to tell the world what sex you are. Your physique, silhouette, and overall character have to be compelling enough.

Pink Was a Masculine Color

The second reason is connected to the first in that pink has historically been considered a manly color. I mentioned it in the introduction.

Understand that women have only “hijacked” it in the past 70 years, which is a relatively recent phenomenon.

Pink has frequently been referred to as a warlike color.

Why is that so?

Think about the origin of the color pink for a moment. Pink is created by taking the color red and adding a tiny bit of white.

Red denotes strength and power. People are attracted to the color red. Its version, pink, shares a lot of the same qualities.

Don’t discriminate against the color pink because it has only evolved in one direction over the past 70 years.

Stand Out

The third number for wearing pink is to stand out.

It takes guts to do this because if you walk into a room with a hundred men wearing suits, the vast majority of their shirts are going to be white, light blue, or patterned white shirts with a little bit of blue in them. If you want to stand out, you need to wear a shirt that isn’t one of those three.

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That color will likely make up 95% of those shirts, which makes sense. Since it’s a conservative item, many men don’t want to stick out.

However, if you want to wear pink, choose a pastel pink. I’m not referring to bright pink here. You should make every effort to avoid doing that unless you want to use it in a very small amount in an accessory.

We need you to have the courage to differentiate yourself from the crowd in order for this to work.

In fact, according to one study, men who wear pink actually earn more money annually on average.

I put that down to the self-confidence required to wear pink.

You want to set yourself apart in a crowded space. Many people are going to remark on the man’s confidence. I appreciate his fashion. That color looks great. It makes me wish I had the courage to wear pink.

Women Love Pink

Tip number four is to remember that pink is a color that appeals strongly to women.

I read several studies in various women’s magazines about the characteristics that women find attractive in a man, and the color pink kept coming up.

They quickly associate a man wearing pink with confidence when they see him. Women are drawn to men with confidence.

So, point number two is that you simply stand out from the crowd. Additionally, women are drawn to the color red and its variations. They are drawn to it subconsciously.

Pink is Easy to Match

Last but not least, there’s a very practical reason to incorporate pink into your wardrobe. It’s easy to match.

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Many guys say they want to update their wardrobes and add new pieces, but it might be challenging to do so with all the patterns and vibrant hues.

It is not necessary for you to bring in bright colors.

Anything that would go with a white shirt or a light blue shirt will work with a very light pink shirt.

Actually, pink will go with more outfits than a light blue shirt. Although a light blue shirt and a charcoal gray suit seem alright together, when combined with pink, they look fantastic.

There are only a few complexions that require caution with pink, depending on your complexion. That generally applies if your skin is very pink.

If you have light-colored skin and you have a slight reddish tint to your complexion, the pink might bring out that quality even more.

Black men, Asian men, Hispanic men with darker skin tones, and men with Indian ancestry should all adore the color pink. It is simply a great way to stand out and look amazing.

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