Men’s Monochrome Fashion (5 Outfit Examples)

Men's Monochrome Fashion

Are you ready to take on the ultimate fashion challenge?

Is it possible to create a stunning outfit using only one color?

Just joking. We can do better than that.

In this article, I’ll show you how to put together an excellent outfit with only one color.

Let’s discuss about monochrome fashion for men.

Monochrome Fashion Tips

The first tip. Use various shades.

In these monochrome outfits, we’ll just aim to utilize one color, but it doesn’t have to be the same shade. It will be tedious to wear an outfit that is identical from top to bottom.

To keep the outfit fresh, mix and match different shades of the same color.

Second suggestion. Mixing in various patterns is another method to keep the outfit from looking drab. The outfit will stand out thanks to the mix of solids and patterns.

Add texture as the third tip. Adding pieces with various textures will make them stand out from one another.

Denim, linen, waffle knits, and cable knits are examples of fabrics and weaves with more visible texture.

Examples of Monochrome Outfits

Let’s talk about some monochrome outfit examples for men.


We’re going with a brown color scheme for our first outfit.

A beige waffle knit Henley serves as the foundation layer. Then we’ll layer a dark brown mock neck sweater on top of it.

A dark brown goat skin leather jacket is then added as a final layer. A khaki-colored pair of chinos will be worn.

A chronograph watch with a brown display and brown leather strap is also featured.

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Let’s move on to the footwear, which includes a pair of dark brown leather and suede saddle shoes.

What makes this outfit so appealing? Simply put, it performs an excellent job at blending a variety of tones and textures.

Because Henley and chinos are both light brown, they won’t look nice next to each other. But it works because I divide them with the darker sweater and leather jacket.

Even though the sweater and jacket are similar in color, their textures are vastly different, creating a pleasing contrast.


Now for the second monochrome outfit idea.

Let’s introduce the blue color scheme. I chose a light blue gingham dress shirt and a navy blue linen blazer to go with it.

I chose dark wash indigo denim for the trousers. A patterned pocket square with a two-point fold and a chronograph watch with a blue leather strap are among the accessories. I had a blue suede belt as well.

A pair of blue leather penny loafers is a good pair for blue shoes. It looks fantastic.

What makes this outfit so appealing?

From the shirt to the blazer to the pocket square, there’s lots of contrast between the various items.

Because the blazer and jeans are getting close in color, they both have a very different texture, so it’s not overdoing it.


Let’s try a gray outfit for our third monochrome look.

We’re going to do another gingham shirt, but this time with a much larger pattern. A solid gray V-neck sweater is layered over the shirt, and a herringbone pattern sports coat is layered on top of that.

I chose a pair of charcoal gray flannel trousers for the pants.

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The accessories are the next stop. We have a stainless steel dive watch and a paisley gray pocket square with a puff fold. That is considered gray.

I wore a pair of black cap toe Oxfords as my footwear. Maybe that’s cheating, but black is a gray color, so I’ll let it slide.

The prominent herringbone pattern on the sports jacket, I believe, is one of the reasons this outfit succeeds. It’s the focal point of the outfit, and it serves to break up the monotony of the sweater and trousers.


Let’s return to blue for the next monochrome outfit example.

I layered a light washed denim jacket over a medium blue button down shirt with a diamond design. I did bring a pair of jeans in, but they were dark-washed.

I needed a good watch, so I went with a dive watch with a blue dial and blue silicone band.

I think a pair of blue suede chukkas will look great with this outfit.

Denim on denim is an unusual outfit, yet it works due of the contrast.

If your jacket and pants are too similar in color, I would avoid this style totally.


Let’s return to gray for the final monochrome outfit inspiration.

A gray turtleneck sweater with a cable knit pattern will serve as our base layer. A dark gray suit jacket and matching trousers are worn over it.

I attached a stainless steel watch with a black dial and mesh type strap to a houndstooth pocket square with a puff fold.

I have a pair of black Balmoral wingtips for shoes.

Try it for yourself, guys. A style challenge like this is a terrific approach to force oneself to consider color, pattern, and texture in new ways.

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