How Men Are Wearing Clothes Wrongly

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How Men Are Wearing Clothes Wrongly

Here are some clothing items that you might be wearing wrongly.


Let’s start with jeans, a common clothing item that you might be wearing right now.

When it comes to jeans, choosing a boot cut fit is the first mistake I frequently observe guys making.

Boot cut jeans are designed to fit closely up to the knees before beginning to flare out as they start the ankle.

Avoid these boring pants at all costs unless you are going for a full-on 70s classic rock vibe because they have an aesthetic that is not just really outdated but also not very flattering on most body types.

Instead, if you have a slim to average shape, you should choose slim fit jeans, and if you’re on the larger side, you should choose straight leg fit.

Additionally, keep in mind that you should always contrast the washes of your top-half denim pieces, such as a trucker jacket, with your jeans to avoid having them match.


Next, we’ll discuss a menswear item that you might not wear every day but that you might be donning incorrectly when you do: your suit.

First off, not every button on your suit is designed for use. The top button of the jacket should be the only button buttoned if the suit has two buttons, which is the style I typically advise.

But because it’s not designed to be closed, you should always unfasten this button before sitting down.

You should also be aware that the stitch on the suit jacket’s vent was not designed to be there after the item left the store. If you haven’t already, make sure to cut that thread.

The tag on your suit sleeves is the same way. This is always meant to be removed, and it irritates me when I see guys leave it on to show off the suit’s brand.

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Dress Shirt

The next mistake on my list, speaking of your dressier clothing, involves your dress shirt.

Nothing is worse than a dress shirt with unsightly sweat stains, whether you wear them daily or simply for sporadic formal events.

Look no further than the undershirt if you’re seeking for a way to save your dress shirt.

The undershirt is an understated layering garment that is practical and unobtrusive. It is designed to absorb any moisture, preventing sweat rings and unpleasant odors.


The most versatile pair of pants a guy can own, assuming he avoids a few specific mistakes, will be discussed next. It’s your chinos.

First of all, you want to ensure that your chinos have hems with either no break or a partial break.

As a result, fabric stacking around the ankles will be prevented, which is quite unpleasant and can ultimately make you appear much shorter than you are.

In actuality, this hemming rule holds true for all of your other pants, including your jeans, dress pants, and suit pants.

But I notice this critical mistake the most often when people are wearing chinos.

When it comes to your chinos, you should stay away from wearing black, unlike the other pants in your closet. Instead, for maximum elegance and versatility, go with traditional hues like khaki, navy, green, and burgundy.


Speaking of colors, there are numerous items of menswear, such as crewneck t-shirts, cotton dress shirts, and long sleeve Oxfords, that appear so sharp and polished in a cool white shade.

What does, however, never look good in white?

It’s your socks!

Avoid wearing white socks like the plague unless you’re deliberately trying to make a strong, bold fashion statement.

Before you ask, yes, this rule does apply to all conditions and situations. This means no white socks in the gym, no white socks with white sneakers, and definitely no white socks with a pair of sandals or flip-flops.

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What alternative should you choose?

Almost everything can be considered. Fun patterns and bright colors. I don’t mind, just never white.


Moving on, let’s talk about an article of item that I adore, and because of this, it hurts my heart to watch so many guys wearing it in a wrong manner.

It is an iconic staple of menswear. It’s the trucker jacket.

The fit is typically where most guys make mistakes with their trucker jackets. To begin with, you must make sure that the shoulder seam falls just before your shoulder begins to slope downward.

Your jacket is considered to be too big if the seam falls off your shoulder or if the sleeves extend more than an inch past the bend of your wrist. Ideally, it should strike right at the bend of your wrist.

You will require either a different size or a different brand of clothing to accommodate your needs.

Ultimately, this gives the impression that you are wearing the jacket rather than the other way around.

A tailor would either find it very difficult or very expensive to correct this.

Always choose a denim trucker jacket without any sewn-on patches or deliberate distressing because these features never look as good as just a classic plain denim.


It’s time to discuss t-shirts while we’re talking about the fit.

Wearing t-shirts that are significantly too long, typically past the crotch or booty, is the biggest mistake I observe guys doing when it comes to their clothing.

When it comes to t-shirts, you should always aim for a trimmer fit even though the oversized trend might work with some items, as I’m frequently asked about.

The reason for this is that the proportions of your body are meant to be balanced out by the clothing you wear in order to produce an attractive silhouette.

Wearing big t-shirts ultimately gives the impression that your torso is very lengthy and your legs are pretty short.

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Instead, you always want yours to fall just over your belt and hit the sweet spot between mid-crotch.

Additionally, stay away from t-shirts with excessive logos or graphics. These can make the impression that you are an adult who still acts like a youngster.


The last category is accessory mistakes. I’m going to quickly go over those minor elements that can be tarnishing your otherwise perfect ensemble.

Avoid wearing speed-dealer sunglasses first and foremost. In other words, no mirrored lenses. No other colors except black, brown, and tortoiseshell, and no pattern frames.

Second, stop wearing ugly caps. This means the wearing of baseball caps with silly logos in brush colors. Additionally, no floppy beanie hats.

Backpacks are coming next. If you’re a bit younger, these are acceptable, but otherwise choose an adult everyday carry choice, such a satchel or briefcase. Also, no backpacks while wearing a suit.

Choose a leather backpack if you decide to buy one.

Belts come next. Do you need one? Yes. Shouldn’t the leather match your jacket, footwear, and watch strap? Yes, again.

Should it have a large buckle or be made of snakeskin? Not at all.

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