5 Best Fall Colors For Men

Fall Colors For Men

What are the best fall colors for men?

Just observe the natural world! There you go. That’s all you need to know.

I’m kidding.

Let’s go through some of the fall color combinations that work well for men.

I adore the fall season because it gives me a chance to play around with a variety of colors that I don’t often get to do in the spring, summer, or even winter seasons.

I love wearing a variety of color schemes, especially ones that may add some variety to my wardrobe.

The reason I decided to write this article was to share with you guys the color combinations that I find to be most flattering throughout the fall.

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You’ll see that this list has a lot of earthy tones. When it comes to the fall season, I believe earth tones are unbeatable. They are also incredibly versatile.

That is why earth tones make up the majority of my list.

I just advise people to look outside when they ask me what colors to wear or, if in doubt, what color combinations they should choose during the fall season.

The colors you should be wearing during that season can be quite accurately predicted by looking out at nature.

With the changing of the leaves and what you see around you, you’ll see forest greens, oranges, yellows, and reds among other colors.

If you follow that tip, you will almost never be disappointed with the results.

Consider that to be the article’s opening piece of advice.

Forest Green

We’ll start by discussing forest green.

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It’s one of those colors that people hardly ever wear, yet it’s a very attractive color. But when you wear it, it’s really visible, and people frequently remark on the color. As a suit, it looks fantastic.

Usually, I mix it with colors like mustard and brown. If you have khaki in your wardrobe instead of brown, you can do so.

These two colors work wonderfully together. The counterbalance to green is brown. It just offsets the color.

Additionally, grey and navy can be combined with it.

Your clothing will look better and have a different quality thanks to the lovely splash of green.

Try forest green and brown without a doubt. It makes a fantastic pairing.


The next item on our list is mustard.

People tend to shy away from wearing mustard, but once you start wearing it, you can’t stop. It looks fantastic in individual pieces.

It is one of those colors that draws the eye so easily. It’s even better because it’s a unique color that not many people wear.

Navy is the color I most frequently pair mustard with. You don’t necessarily have to do navy. As I previously indicated, I feel mustard looks incredibly good with green.

It can also be combined with gray, burgundy, and green.

Burnt Orange

Burnt orange is next on the list. Burnt orange and navy are colors that I enjoy combining.

There are numerous ways to use burnt orange. If you wanted to, you could wear it with black. You could also use charcoal; it would blend very well.

Burnt orange is one of those colors that also stands out due to its uniqueness. I’ve seen people wear burnt orange and burgundy, and it looks great on them. Simply put, I don’t think it will look good on me.

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I kind of avoid wearing that color scheme because of this. I enjoy both colors separately, but not together. Go ahead if you feel you can successfully pair those two colors together. I adore it when people dress differently than I would and it looks great on them.


Burgundy is the next color on the list. It is the perfect color for the fall. I have formal pants, sweaters, and I’m getting a burgundy overcoat soon.

One of those colors you want to keep muted is burgundy. I’ve seen people wear burgundy suits, and while I’m all for them, you should make sure to keep the rest of your burgundy extremely muted.

I would wear that with black, without a doubt. Navy might also go well with it.

I mix and match my navy outfits with my burgundy crewneck sweaters. It simply adds that extra splash of color.

Burgundy will be more versatile for you in every situation. You want to make sure that you are applying it properly and that you aren’t really expanding the color.


Camel comes in last, but certainly not least. Due to its universality, it is a good neutral color to include in your wardrobe. The whole year round, you can wear this.

I do own a lot of camel-colored sweaters, just like the other items. I also have an overcoat in a camel color that is versatile for both fall and winter.

Camel looks good with light gray, and I’d even dare to suggest that it looks good with light blue.

Actually, I’ve worn camel with burgundy and a green suit before, and they go together rather well.

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This is perhaps one of the more versatile colors among those on the list.

In The End

I would advise starting with one piece if you don’t already have any of these colors or if you want to give them a try.

That is precisely how I got going. It’s not like I suddenly acquired all of these colors. I had to go into them slowly.

Experimenting is something you should do without a doubt. If there is one thing I hope you take away from this article, I hope it is that you should try one of these colors. Which one doesn’t matter.


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