8 Fashion Myths Debunked

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Fashion Myths Debunked

Here, I’d like to talk about a few widespread fashion myths that are either outdated or largely untrue.

You Can’t Pull That Off

Let’s start by discussing the myth or idea that you can’t pull that off.

It’s possible that you’re unique in some manner, or that the individual who can pull it off have abilities that you lack.

I recognize that some people want to stay in their comfort zones, but if you actually think about it, there’s no reason other than your own comfort level why you couldn’t pull something off.

If wearing rainbow-colored pants makes you uncomfortable, don’t wear them. On the other hand, if you enjoy something and you wish that you could wear it, the only thing that is preventing you from doing so is yourself.

My recommendation is to purchase the thing and wear it around the house. Get used to wearing whatever it is and getting used to seeing yourself in the mirror.

Because after some time has passed and you have been accustomed to it, you will soon wonder why you were so anxious about it before.

You Can’t Wear White After Labor Day

The next rule is that you cannot wear white after Labor Day.

Everything about this goes back to the early 1900s. Because the majority of people at that time worked manual labor jobs and their garments would get very dirty, wearing white was a statement of wealth.

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Therefore, if you wore white, it indicated that you belonged to a higher social level and that you were exempt from manual labor. Therefore, there was no need for you to stress about the possibility of getting your clothes dirty.

Additionally, it implied that you had sufficient financial resources to take winter and fall vacations in warmer places after Labor Day.

After some point in history, people realized that displaying off their wealth by continuing to wear white into the fall season was inappropriate, and thus the practice was abandoned.

After Labor Day, members of the upper class were expected to refrain from wearing white as a gesture of good manners because it had become an established rule.

Because wearing white after Labor Day was considered to be a fashion faux pas, at least among the wealthy, and indicated that one was not genuinely in the know of current fashion trends. And that meant you were not a member of the upper class.

Therefore, from the very beginning, the entire thing was marked by arrogance and poor judgment.

That rule is no longer valid today.

Dressing Well

The third fashion myth is the idea that dressing well indicates you are shallow or that you are looking for approval from other people.

I’d argue that this is especially true for the younger generation today, which places an excessive amount of value on brand labels and constantly feels the need to flaunt the newest brand.

The reason being that all of that ought to stop once you reach a certain age. You should dress properly for yourself because it reflects who you are.

It’s more about having self-respect, self-confidence, and, to some extent, presenting oneself in a way that demonstrates who you are to the outside world.

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It’s not about seeking attention or attempting to win favor with others. Again, leave it to the 22-year-olds; as you get older, it becomes more and more about your own sense of worth.

Belt Should Match Shoes

The next myth is that your belt and shoes should always match well.

While that is generally accurate, it isn’t always the case.

White sneakers that are casual are an example. Nobody that I can see is wearing white sneakers and a white belt. It is my recommendation that you refrain from doing so as well.

I probably wear blue and white, solid gray, as well as blue and red, belts with white sneakers the most. Naturally, that depends on what else I’m wearing.

Stay Current with the Latest Fashion Trends

The next myth is the idea that you should constantly follow the newest fashion trends. You don’t.

That is the reason I am here. I’m here to help men find clothes that fit and different styles that are appropriate for their age so they don’t appear to be overgrown 15-year-old.

I will say one thing about this, though: it’s nice to at least be informed of trends, so you don’t be caught wearing something at 42 that’s intended for someone who’s 22.

Black and Brown Should Not Be Worn Together

The second big myth is that brown and black cannot be worn together.

I believe I can see this more clearly with a dark brown item combined with a black item. The reason being that their color tones are simply too similar at that point.

The idea is to keep the tone separate.

In other words, if you’re wearing black, pair it with lighter-toned brown boots or a blazer.

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That combination is one that I frequently see and is rising in popularity. particularly over the past few years. Personally, I think it looks fantastic.

Not Wearing Brown Shoes With a Gray Suit

Wearing brown shoes with a gray suit is another ridiculous fashion myth.

The simplest and most timeless option will be black shoes. There is no reason, however, why you cannot wear brown.

Everything is simpler and more versatile if the suit is a lighter shade of gray because you can wear either light brown shoes or dark brown shoes with it.

However, I believe that the darker the suit’s gray color is, the darker the color of your shoes should also be.

You Must Always Dress Up

The idea that you need to dress up all the time to be well-dressed is another urban myth. Completely false.

Even with jeans and a t-shirt, you can seem put together.

The fit of your clothing is the most crucial component of being trendy or well-dressed. You must strike a balance between being too tight and too loose for your body type.

It’s funny how many people remark on how well-dressed and nice I always seem to be.

The issue is, though, that I’m not dressed up. I’m wearing the exact same clothing as these people. Simply put, my pieces fit better.

I’m more adventurous and don’t shy away from different colors.


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