Men’s Sweater Styles & Types (Guide to Buying)

Men's Sweater Styles

Is there a limit to how many sweaters a man can own?

He can have as many as he wants.

The proper sweater can be a multi-purpose addition to your outfit. But, with so many various styles and types to choose from, how can you pick the perfect sweater?

V-neck Sweater

V-neck It’s versatile enough to be dressed up or down, and it comes in a wide range of colors and patterns.

One of the most adaptable sweaters a man can own is the v-neck.

If you’re new to sweaters and want to add a couple to your collection, you’ll want to start with something simple.

That will go with just much everything in your closet. You should go with a solid color, and I would suggest a medium to light gray.

Gray is appealing because it is a colorless color. It’ll go with just much anything in your closet. Any shirt you put on top of it will look great.

Dark blues are a good alternative to gray. You might also use medium blues. However, if you start with real blues, it will become more casual.

In general, I prefer men to start with deeper colors. Why? They’ll be stain-resistant in the event that you become dirty during the day.

What I appreciate about this is that it’s a little more formal and dressier. You can certainly dress it down, but I believe that darker sweaters are generally easier to match.

Light-colored sweaters are fantastic, especially if you go with the lighter gray, but tans are also a good choice.

After you’ve got two or three of these in your closet, you may start adding patterns. Just yet, don’t go crazy with the patterns. Small repeating patterns are fine because you want something that will go with a lot of the other products.

Ethnic Sweater

Let’s have a look at the following sweater type, ethnic sweaters, if you want something a little more powerful.

The Fair Isle sweater is the ethnic sweater I’d like to discuss. This one gained popularity after the Prince of Wales wore it in public in 1921. It refers to a certain type of stitching and comes from the Shetland Islands.

It began to gain popularity all around the world. It grew in popularity during the next decade. It came and went, but it has now established itself as a modern classic.

Fair Isle sweaters will be available from a variety of retailers, including Brooks Brothers and others.

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When we return to the Fair Isles, they don’t always follow the practices we see there. However, little repeating patterns on a muted background will be used to represent this style in general.

Aran Sweater

The Aran jumper, often known as a sweater, is named after the Aran Islands in western Ireland.

What’s remarkable about this sweater is that it’s surrounded by a lot of myths.

The concept is that these cables and stitches in the sweater represent particular symbols and values. They’ve been linked to clans by some.

These sweaters were much more popular in the 1940s. What we have now is a modern classic, a highly adaptable, very robust sweater, particularly if it is made of unscoured wool. That is wool that has not been treated and still has a small amount of wax on the outside.

Naturally, it will have a sheep-like odor, especially if it becomes wet. However, this type of sweater is extremely durable and wear-resistant.

Guernsey Sweater

This one comes from the north of France. It has a story that is extremely similar to that of the Aran sweater. It was designed for men who worked as laborers and wanted to stay warm when it rained.

The fact that there is no front and back makes this one unique. It can be turned in any direction.

Modern Guernseys almost always have a back. In the past, I t was something you could just throw on and forget about. It was a highly adaptable piece of work.

Crewneck Sweater

It’s comparable to a v-neck, but it’s a little more casual. They’re not going to do a fantastic job of displaying the collar; instead, they’ll make it seem crumpled. If the crew neck isn’t too tight, I think you can pull it off.

But, in general, these will be fantastic sweaters, especially if you get them in a higher-quality material that you can wear beneath a t-shirt or a long-sleeve shirt.

They’re wonderful for layering, especially if you pick one that’s thinner and closer to the body.

In general, I prefer to begin with solids. If you want to go for a more casual look, you might opt for some bright colors or even patterns.

Turtleneck Sweater

Most people can wear a turtleneck, but either lack the confidence or have had a terrible experience with one.

Maybe you had a turtleneck as a child that itched all over your neck since it was made of low-quality wool.

If you’re going to acquire a turtleneck, I strongly advise you to pick something traditional.

I adore a solid blue, and I also want something that fits close to the body, therefore I’m looking for something made of high-quality wool, such as merino wool, or cashmere or alpaca.

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If that’s too much, consider a mock turtleneck. The neck will go up to that point, and it will not fold over; it will just go halfway up the neck.

Hoodie Style Sweater

This sweater style is a little more difficult to come by.

You’re already wearing hoodies, so why not try a knit version? They’ll almost always be specialized. They’re a touch more expensive.

However, if you’re currently wearing hoodies and like the style and feel, take it up a notch. Even though the style is the same, people will notice the change.

Men's Sweater Styles & Types

Sweater Jacket

A decent sweater jacket has a great look to it. It appears to be a jacket from a distance. When you go close enough, you can see all of the style details.

You’ve got the front buttons. It’s designed to be buttoned while standing. That’ll put the finishing touches on the look.

They’re not as casual as a blazer or even a sports jacket, but they’ll do the trick.

The majority of men prefer to dress informally and in clothing that is tailored to their bodies. If you take good care of your body, you will be able to show it.

Let’s move on to the cardigan if the sweater jacket is too trendy for you.

Cardigan Sweater

In men’s classic, this one has been around for a long time. A traditional cardigan is basically a sweater that opens completely at the front.

Normally, we’ll notice buttons on a cardigan, and that’s how it’s done. It can also have a slight build-up on the lapels. It’ll look like a jacket, but you’ll notice that it doesn’t have a lapel and that the buttons run all the way up.

I’m not sure how many men are interested in them. However, there are numerous examples of trendy men who have done it, and I believe you can as well.

Full Zip Sweater

It’s most likely one of the least adaptable products available. Unless you have a lot of clothes and just adore the style, I wouldn’t recommend it to most males.

However, this is something that should be zipped up at least halfway to pull everything together.

Half Zip / Half Button Sweater

It’s a modern classic, and because of the zipper, it’ll be more casual, yet it’s similar to a half button.

Although both of these are casual, the half button will be significantly dressier. Why? Because it’s a full-length pullover sweater. Although not as dressy as the v-neck, it is not as versatile.

This is a must-have item for any modern traveler. If you want a layer to throw on over your button-down, something that will look professional with trousers and formal shoes, and something that will keep you warm, a half zip or half button sweater will suffice.

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Sweater Vest

This is a result of the vest. It’s merely a different style of vest. We don’t see them as frequently as we used to. When they’re not layered, I don’t think they look as good.

I don’t believe it works for the majority of men. Although, I believe that some males who find a way to include it into their wardrobe and layer it well can pull it off.

Polo Sweater

It’s a great look on its own. This comes from the polo shirt, when they simply used a knitted fabric.

A polo sweater looks great with a sports jacket, blazer, or even a shirt jacket. The important thing to remember is that you don’t want to layer another sweater on top of it.

You should layer it with a different type of knit material, but it looks great when layered.

This is something you’ll want to wear with an undershirt. Sweaters will absorb perspiration well, but they will smell like sweat, and you don’t want to destroy an expensive sweater by not wearing an undershirt with it.

Final Thoughts

Remember that one material isn’t always superior to another. It all depends on what you want to achieve and how you want it to help you.

I’ve had cotton sweaters that aren’t as warm, but they’re easy to wash and last a long time. After ten years, I still have them and they continue to serve me.

Wool, cashmere, and alpaca, on the other hand, are more luxurious materials, therefore you must take extra care of them.

They’re going to be really well insulated.

Wool that is thick and coarse will itch more. That’ll be the wool that’s less pricey.

Merino wool of higher quality will be extremely soft.

Look towards cashmere or perhaps alpaca if you can afford it. The good thing about alpaca is that most people aren’t allergic to it.

men's sweater types


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