Why Small Watches For Men Are Better? (6 Reasons)

Small Watches For Men

This video argues that smaller watches are better than larger ones, and gives six reasons to support this view.

The speaker talks about his preference for smaller watches and explains why he thinks smaller watches are better than larger ones.

The speaker starts by sharing his personal experience with watches and how he went from wearing a 40mm watch to preferring watches as small as 34mm.

He argues that smaller watches look good on any wrist size and work well even on larger wrists, unlike large watches that only look good on large wrists. He also mentions that smaller watches tend to be more proportionate to one’s body size and do not make one’s wrists and hands look tiny.

The speaker then goes on to talk about fashion watches and how they tend to be oversized, with cases ranging from 42mm to 50mm or even larger. He argues that there is no reason for minimalist watches that have no complications and are powered by a quartz movement to be so large, and that this is an artificial trend marketed as masculine.

He contrasts this with men’s watches from the early and mid-1900s, which often had case sizes ranging from 32mm to 37mm and contained intricate mechanical movements packed inside small cases.

The speaker then gives six reasons why he prefers smaller watches, including that they are more comfortable to wear, more versatile, more timeless, easier to dress up or down, easier to find straps for, and often more affordable. He also suggests that larger watches may be a passing trend and that smaller watches may become more popular in the future.

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Throughout the video, the speaker shows examples of watches he owns or has owned, including the Hamilton Khaki, Seiko SKX013, Rolex Datejust, and Nomos Tangente.

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