How to Wear Rings For Men

How to Wear Rings For Men

I’m going to go through five rules that men can follow to ensure that they wear their rings correctly.

Many of you are acquiring a family heirloom, perhaps you just graduated from college and want to wear your class ring, or perhaps you’re about to get married and have never worn a ring before and are unsure how this will fit into your wardrobe.

These rules apply to you, and once you grasp them, you can bend, break, and utilize them as you see fit.

Use these five rules to make a statement with your rings and to enjoy wearing them.

Ring Sends a Message

The first rule is to realize that any ring you wear has a purpose, whether it’s for an engagement, a wedding, an association, or a statement of wealth. Rings were traditionally worn to demonstrate riches and social status.

Understand that every ring you choose to wear on your hand will be noticed and judged because of its prominent location on your hand.

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You end up appearing like a mafia godfather if you want to wear a lot of rings.

Understand that if you’re interviewing in a conservative industry, the individual conducting the interview may not say anything, but you’re at the mercy of their judgment and personal values.

That’s the problem with rings. You must realize that everyone has an opinion on them. Most people, presumably, are open-minded, but many will have prejudices and stereotypes about you, and they may pigeonhole you into one of them.

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So, realize that rings send messages, and know what yours are sending.

Have Confidence

The second point is to have confidence. If you’re going to wear a ring, make sure you do so with confidence.

Perhaps a family crest will be worn by you. It’s been passed down to you; learn the history, figure out how to wear it well, and then do so.

Family crests are generally worn on the index finger, but if you’re not married, you can wear them on the ring finger or on your right hand.

You might be wondering, “How do I do that?” I’ve never before worn a ring.

Begin by wearing it for yourself before moving on to friends and family. Wear it in a setting where it will be tolerated, and then you can start to wear it out.

Wearing a ring, especially one that isn’t a wedding ring, is all about confidence, and once you do, it becomes a conversation starter.


If you have huge hands, be aware that you can wear large rings. Smaller rings will appear a little strange on you. If you have small hands, however, you should avoid extremely large rings, especially if you’re getting a ring passed down to you or receiving a class ring. Those are usually a little bigger.

Just make sure it’s proportion to your hands. Smaller hands smaller rings, larger hands larger rings. It’s quite straightforward.


Let’s get down to business with the balance. Proportion is not the same as balance.

Wearing pieces and jewelry in a way to balance out is what balance is all about. So, if you’re only going to wear one ring, you might as well wear your watch on the opposite wrist.

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Because I’m wearing the watch on the opposite side, I could potentially have two rings on one side. You want to avoid having your watch and five rings on one hand and nothing on the other.

Bracelets might also help with this. Just keep in mind that everything is connected.

Metals That Go Together

You don’t have to match metals perfectly. Some men choose for a ring that contains a combination of gold and silver.

I, for one, am a silver man. In general, I’d describe myself as having a calm tone. My blue veins are visible when I glance at my arms. That, to me, is a sign. Also, I’ve always been drawn to silver, platinum, and other like metals.

I enjoy coordinating all of my metals. If you want to be a gold guy and prefer warmer tones, go ahead and opt for gold.

Each Finger Has Its Own Meaning

So far, I’ve discussed the five rules. Let me now explain the symbolism and significance of each finger.


The thumb is a classic sign for a person’s personality. If your thumb is straight, you have a straight character; if your thumb is too crooked, you are thought to be crooked.

When it comes to thumb rings, they’re extremely uncommon. If you wear one on your thumb, it’s thought to give you a more creative vibe.

However, being on your thumb may feel strange at first, so it’s something you’ll want to get used to.


Let’s go on to the pinky now. The god Mercury is associated with the pinky. It is also linked to intelligence.

If you wish to wear a pinky finger, anything with a modest family crest on it might be something you could bring in.

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For whatever reason, it’s linked to criminal lords and the mafia. However, I believe it is appropriate for a man to wear.

They key with these two fingers, which is why I started with them because they’re on the hand’s edges. Anything you wear here will be easier to notice and thus a little more flashy, so I like to keep them a little lower.

Index Finger

Let’s take a closer look at the index finger. Many noblemen, including kings, dukes, and senators, would traditionally wear rings on this finger. The king of the gods is related with the finger of power, which is associated with the god Jupiter.

This is a ring you can consider if you’re intending to wear a class ring or a family ring. You may also wear them on the same hand for a bit of balance, as there will be some space between them.

Middle Finger

Let’s get down to business with the middle finger. This is related with Saturn and represents balance.

Ring Finger

Let’s take a look at the ring finger now. The left hand has always been connected with romance and the moon in the Western culture. It’s also linked to originality.

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