What Colors Should Men Wear? (10 Colors)

what colors should men wear

A man enters a room and instantaneously dominates. He appears to be in command. Women are drawn to him because he appears to have a high social rank.

What exactly is going on? This is the power of color, and you can take advantage of it.

Here I’ll go over ten colors and discuss the emotions they create as well as how you may incorporate them into your clothing.

Many males are afraid of color because they believe it will make them less of a man. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Certain colors have been demonstrated to elicit a variety of subliminal feelings, according to research. You can take advantage of this.

Red and Pink

I’m going to put them in a group.

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We’re talking about around 2% of your clothing in general.

Let’s have a look at the feelings that the color red elicits.

Passion, helps a man feel more powerful, influential, and daring, as well as making him appear more active and dominant.

According to a 2014 study published in the Journal of Psychology and Marketing, wearing red makes you more convincing.

Pink is associated with feelings of youth, love, passion, and being compassionate.

What are some ways to incorporate red and pink into your wardrobe?

Accessories, such as neckties or pocket squares, will be the easiest place to start.

It’s possible that you’ve noticed differences in the color red. The more vibrant colors, the more youthful they will appear. Darker colors will convey an older, more powerful mood.

A well-dressed man, particularly one with darker skin, can include pink and red into his shirts, making a pink shirt timeless.

A white shirt with a red stripe can also be worn. It actually gives off a pinkish vibe when viewed from afar. When we approach close enough, we can see the red.

I’ve also seen it in watches with contrast stitching.


Let’s talk about orange for a moment.

It creates uplifting, cheerful, lively, and creative feelings.

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If you don’t like red or pink, orange is a perfect substitute, as it is a highly powerful color.

It’ll only account for roughly 1% of your total wardrobe.

Do you want your foundation pieces, such as a sports jacket, to be orange?

No, that is not the case.

It’s a little too much, it’s too overbearing.

So, where will orange be employed?

Because orange only makes up 1% of a man’s wardrobe, it’ll be the accessories. It’ll be pocket squares, with potentially accent stitching thrown in for good measure.

It’s been spotted on boots.

My orange contrast stitched jacket is one of my favorites.

This is where I believe orange, red, and pink shine the brightest. They’re only a small amount of spice added to a wider base color.


Let’s talk about brown next.

One of my favorite hues in a man’s clothing is brown.

It should account for around 10% of your wardrobe. I’m talking about dark brown, medium brown, light brown, tan, khaki, and other shades.

It will elicit earthy, natural sentiments; it will be robust, cozy, dependable, and rustic.

Brown is a more casual color in general.

What I like about brown is that when it comes to pants, jackets, and shoes, you can easily mix and match these pieces to create an adaptable wardrobe.


The color green is next on the list.

It conjures up feelings of security, stability, and encouragement.

It’s one of my personal favorites.

Some people like to utilize it as a decorative element. I truly utilize it as a canvass, a foundation upon which I construct.

I have a lot of green sweaters and jackets.

When it comes to trousers, one of the drawbacks of green is its lack of versatility. Trousers in light tan, dark brown, and khaki will be more interchangeable than green trousers.


Let’s talk about the color blue next.

With 26% of the vote, this is easily the most popular color in a man’s clothing.

Navy blue and indigo will account for 14% of the total, while true blue will account for 12%.

True blue is going to be a relaxing hue, it’s going to be dependable, it’s going to be free, it’s going to be smart, and it’s going to be warm.

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We associate duty, honesty, and loyalty with dark blue or indigo.

When it comes to adaptability, blue goes well with a wide range of colors.

When it comes to your foundation pieces, such as your first suit, sports jackets, jeans, u nderstand that blue is a very safe hue to wear and to use as a foundation for your outfit.

Colors For Men Clothes


Let’s talk about white next. It accounts up 20% of a man’s wardrobe.

It provides the message that you are clean, moral, and healthy.

When we think of underwear, we think of undershirts that are white. As a result, it accounts for the majority of a man’s wardrobe.

However, when it comes to formal shirts, this is also true.

Where will we see white appear as well?

I think it would look wonderful with a polo or a linen long sleeve shirt, especially in the summer.

The beautiful thing about white is that it will reflect sunlight. It’ll be one that genuinely helps to keep the temperature down while it’s hot outside.


Following that, the hue black accounts for 13% of the average man’s wardrobe. I understand that it will be a little higher for some of you.

It accounts for a very little portion of my clothing for me.

It’ll be the most formal of all the colors available.

The emotions it will elicit are those of strength, control, and refinement.

Black is a color that belongs with black tie. For many men, black will be the dominant color in their shoes.

So, am I a fan of black suits?

I think they’re a touch too sharp of a contrast for me.

They won’t go with a lot of shirts, and they’re so formal that they deserve to be worn with black tie.

I also don’t believe that most men will look well in black dress shirts.

In my perspective, most men overuse black, which I believe should be saved for formal occasions.


Gray is the next color on the list, with an 18% share.

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Conservative and practical. That is the sentiment that is conveyed.

For me, the greatest way to wear this hue is in a good topcoat jacket that is going to get dirty and muddy. That’s where gray comes into its own.

When it comes to stain removal, it’s a fairly forgiving color. It’s also a fantastic hue for mixing and combining.

Gray is a non-color when it comes to shoes. A light gray can be worn with a variety of lighter-colored pants.

Trousers demonstrate that strength once more.

There are many different grays to choose from, ranging from medium gray to charcoal gray to light gray. You’ll find that these trousers go with a wide range of shirts and coats in your closet.

Purple and Lavender

Following that, the colors purple and lavender account for around 2% of a man’s wardrobe.

They’ve had a lengthy relationship with aristocracy.

When we think of purple, we think of wealth. We think of mystery when we see purple, especially the darker shades.

Lavender may be a very colorful and exciting color when we see a small bit of it.

If you wish to wear it with a dress shirt in the spring, I think it looks amazing.

Gold and Yellow

Let’s talk about how yellow and gold only account for roughly 1% of a man’s clothing.

Yellow and gold give a sensation of spontaneity, happiness, and relaxation.

Gold, in my opinion, is a color that is underappreciated.

It’s a little more difficult to include into your clothing. I believe it may truly stand out with the proper tone, as an accent piece with a pocket square, or with a necktie.

Men's clothing color guide

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