6 Fashionable Accessories For Men in Spring

Fashionable Accessories For Men in Spring

At this point, you’ve packed away all of the winter-specific accessories.

I’m referring to your scarves, gloves, beanies, and other winter accessories.

The golden rule for a beautiful outfit, though, is in the details, and you’re probably looking for something to replace your cold-weather accessories with something for the spring.

Spring style is all about ditching the heavier, darker pieces in favor of lighter, brighter, and more playful alternatives.

That’s why I’ve compiled a list of my favorite fashionable spring accessories for men, which will effortlessly compliment your must-have seasonal outfits like chinos, button-down shirts, trucker jackets, and shorts.

This list is not in any particular sequence, and many of these accessories, if selected well, will last you far into the fall.

I’m sure there’s something on this list that you don’t have in your style.

New Fragrance

To begin, we have an accessory that, despite its invisibility to the naked eye, will undoubtedly garner you some attention if worn appropriately.

It’s a brand-new fragrance.

I am a firm believer in the notion that the best scent on a man is actually nonsensical.

However, in the spring, it’s time to switch to a more seasonally suitable fragrance, one that’s light and fresh rather than one that’s extremely warm, woody, or heavy, as one would generally wear in the winter.

My personal favorites include Armani’s sea-inspired Aqua Di Gio, Prada’s clean and invigorating L’Homme, and Mont Blanc’s Explorer, which has a very pleasant bergamot and lemony aroma that is ideal for spring.

As with other perfumes, don’t go overboard with the sprays, as too much cologne can give the impression that you’re trying to hide a lack of bathing.

Because good colognes can be pricy, make sure to try a few different kinds before settling on one that suits you.


The next item on my list of fashionable spring accessories for men is one that I’m really looking forward to talking about because it signals the start of a season of much-needed sunshine.

That’s a nice pair of sunglasses.

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People will almost always notice your face as the first thing they notice about you.

That’s why it’s critical to get the shape of your sunglasses just right, and the easiest way to do it is to choose a frame that complements your facial shape.

My general rule is that if you have a round face, you should use a square frame, and vice versa.

A pair of black sunglasses and a pair of tortoiseshell or brown sunglasses should cover you for almost any occasion.

When it comes to wearing your shades in public, there are a few things to keep in mind.

To begin with, you should never wear sunglasses indoors. Second, make certain that the style of your sunglasses matches the aesthetic of your chosen attire.

You may believe that those Oakleys may be worn in any occasion, but they should truly only be used for sports.

Finally, because nice sunglasses are worthwhile investments, you’ll want to invest in a good case to keep them in while you’re not using them.

Nothing is more annoying than hearing that sickening snap as you take your seat and then learning your $200 sunglasses have turned into sun monocles.


Now that spring has here, you’ll most likely be spending more time outside, and if you’re looking for some extra sun protection as well as some potential style points, the next item on my list – a trustworthy hat.

Choosing the correct hat for you can be a tough and time-consuming task.

You could think that wearing a Fedora makes you look like Indiana Jones, but you’re more likely to make folks look away.

My recommendation is to wear a hat that you’re truly comfortable in, and if that means a simple and traditional baseball cap, then go for it.

Baseball caps, snapbacks, and dad hats are all wonderful accessories for running errands without having to style your hair. During the warmer months, they can also provide some much-needed sun protection.

If you want to go the additional mile with your smart casual outfits, a wide-brimmed Panama hat, pork pie, or a flat cap can be very effective.

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However, keep in mind that in order to pull things off, you’ll need a lot of confidence and a good sense of style.

But if you believe you have what it takes to rock them, then I salute you.


While we’re on the subject of facial protection, don’t forget to apply sunscreen.

There’s no denying it, gentlemen. The sun may be your best friend when it comes to giving you a warm hand and a healthy dose of vitamin D, but it can also wreak havoc on your face’s delicate skin.

The sun can cause everything from sunburns to crow’s feet to fine lines.

When it comes to sunscreen, depending on where you live and how hot it gets outside, I’d recommend something with an SPF of 20 to 50.

Anything stronger is usually superfluous, while anything weaker is almost useless.

You should also look for a product that protects you from both UVA and UVB rays, as this will protect you from both burning and wrinkles.

Even if you live somewhere that doesn’t receive much sun, you should still use a moisturizer with an SPF because those troublesome and damaging rays may cut through clouds on even the cloudiest of days.

When you don’t finish up looking horrible, your skin will appreciate you.


The goal of a good fashionable accessory is to add a stylish and subtle touch to your entire outfit.

One of the simplest ways to accomplish this is to improve your sock game.

The key to spring style is to include brighter colors into your clothes. One of those accessories that can really add a dash of flair to your outfit is a decent pair of colored socks.

Dress socks in black, gray, and navy are ideal for more formal occasions. But what about those instances when you just want to add a little something extra?

Colorful, patterned socks can be worn with a variety of shoes, from sneakers to Oxfords, and can help to elevate your style. They can be a terrific way to start a conversation.

Please notice that I am not referring to white when I say brighter hues.

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The devil is in white socks!

The explanation for this is straightforward. White socks never stay white for very long, and they usually become very filthy very quickly.

I’m anticipating your next question. What about going to the gym? Instead, opt for a stylish black pair of athletic socks to protect your feet while participating in more strenuous activities.

The issue has been resolved.


While we’re on the subject of brightening up your spring ensembles, we’ll be traveling from our feet to our wrists with this following cute fashionable accessory.

Watches, of course, have always been and will continue to be a year-round necessity for me.

If you don’t already have one, grab one, and if you do, have you considered switching out the strap for something a little more colorful?

Changing the strap on your watch is a cheap, fun, and quick way to dress up your spring outfits, especially if you don’t wear jewelry.

You might use a light brown suede or light tanned leather, or even a fiber-based fabric such as perlon, which comes in a range of fun colors.

It’s absolutely up to you in terms of color, but I’d advise staying away from darker tones and opting for something that compliments the rest of your outfit.

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