How to Dress Well on a Budget (Men)

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How to Dress Well on a Budget (Men)

Here, I’m talking how to dress well on a budget or how to look rich even though you’re not.

When I give someone straightforward, direct, and wise advise about how to dress well, they frequently respond with the statement, “I don’t have the money for that.”

Nothing is going to help you if you can’t afford to spend $10 on a t-shirt, buy inexpensive jeans, and then spend an additional $5 to $10 to have them tailored.

You’re going to enjoy this article, though, if that’s not the case and you realize that a little bit of effort goes a long way. Because that’s actually what I’m talking about—how to look like you’re dressing nicely regardless of your budget.

In all honesty, this can be accomplished at the lowest cost. As a stylist who works with incredibly costly clothing, I can attest that having style and dressing well have nothing to do with money.

A Perfect Fit

The first factor is the most crucial. If you do this correctly, 80% to 90% of the hard work of dressing nicely is already done. That is nailing the fit.

You’re essentially unbeatable if you find the right fit. It doesn’t matter how much money you spent on clothes if they don’t fit you nicely.

A $50 bomber jacket that fits you well can look much better than a bomber jacket that costs between $600 and $2,000 but doesn’t fit you.

If you appear rich, it means you have the means to look your best and possess the best stuff. The best part is that wool is wool, denim is denim, and jackets are jackets. Nobody will be able to tell that the fabric is extremely expensive. They will simply recognize that you look good in it.

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That is why nailing the fit right can get you started in the right direction.

We’ve done you a great favor. Lots of articles about how clothing should fit, specifically for your age and body type, can be found on this website.

Again, 80% of the work is in nailing this part right. It truly is, to be honest. If you merely do that, you will already be one step ahead of everyone else.

Focus on the Accessories

Nailing the accessories is the next suggestion for how to look great on a tight budget.

This is the point where the boys and the men are separated. This is the additional 15 to 20 percent that comes into play once the fit is perfect and you move on to the smaller elements.

Here is where things either go very bad or very good.

I’m referring to your watchbands, the types of eyeglasses you wear, your ties, your pocket square, and the tiny bit of shirt that peeks out from under your sweater rather than it just being a sweater.

That kind of attention to detail really sets you apart. Paying attention and adding those accessories into your wardrobe is what I’m talking about at this point. Everyone will see how it really makes you stand out from the crowd.

For instance, a well-fitting suit, a silver tie bar that fits perfectly, sunglasses, and small cufflinks that you could just barely take a peek of will set you apart from everyone else and really is what makes you look really put together.

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Get The Right Shoes

Choosing the appropriate shoes and making sure they are clean, fashionable, and appropriate for the outfit is the next point.

No matter how much you spend, it’s still possible to find shoes that meet every requirement.

Your shoes are seen by women. It is true. For some reason, women are especially interested in this. It’s just the way it is; I have no idea why.

What kind of shoes you are actually wearing is irrelevant. Shoes, however, can make or break an outfit. A lot of guys simply lose their minds when it comes to shoes. We have some articles about shoes that go into further detail about this.

Dressing For The Occasion

The final point is knowing what to wear for the right occasion. For instance, knowing when to wear the right watch.

That applies to anything else you’re wearing as well. It is not appropriate to enter a five-star restaurant wearing jeans and your newest pair of Jordans. Keep as far away from that as you can.

Coincidentally, wearing a three-piece suit and a fedora to a backyard BBQ makes you appear overly effortful.

You should make sure your attire is acceptable for the occasion. Maybe a little step up. Perhaps you wear a polo shirt rather than a t-shirt when you go to the BBQ. Going a little bit above and beyond is something I really support.

If you want to appear wealthy, all you have to do is look good and dress nicely everywhere you go, regardless of the situation.

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