5 Color Combinations For Summer (Clothes)

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Color Combinations For Summer (Clothes)

This video discusses five classic color combinations for summer. The presenter emphasizes that these color combinations are timeless and always look great during the summer season.

The combinations mentioned in the video are pastel blue with white and tan/camel, sage green or mint green with white, navy blue with white, navy blue and pink with white, and black with white and tan.

For the pastel blue combination, the speaker suggests wearing a white skirt with a blue shirt and adding tan shoes and a bag. Alternatively, white jeans or trousers can be paired with a blue shirt and a camel blazer, along with a tan belt and bag. The versatility of this color combination allows for various outfit options.

The sage green or mint green combination is described as an underestimated color pairing. The speaker recommends pairing green with white, either as white on the top with green on the bottom or vice versa. Examples include white shorts with a green shirt, a white dress with a green cropped jacket, or an all-green suit with a white bag and shoes. The speaker also mentions that even if the green shade leans more towards khaki, it still works well in this combination.

Navy blue and white are highlighted as a timeless and elegant color combination. The contrast between the deep blue and crisp white creates a refined aesthetic suitable for any occasion. Outfit suggestions include wide-leg trousers and a sweater in white, paired with white trainers and a navy bag. The colors can also be reversed, with a navy skirt and a white shirt, allowing for a variety of combinations.

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Adding pink to the navy blue and white combination softens the look and introduces a touch of femininity. The speaker suggests incorporating pink through a bag, blouse, sweater, or outerwear. The three colors can be mixed and matched in different ways to create interesting and visually appealing outfits.

Lastly, the video mentions black as a color that can be worn in springtime. When paired with white and tan, black creates a classic and timeless look. The speaker recommends experimenting with different proportions of the colors, such as predominantly white and beige with touches of black, or black trousers with a white blazer and brown shirt. The key is to mix and match the colors to find combinations that work harmoniously.

Overall, the video encourages viewers to explore these classic color combinations and offers suggestions on how to put together outfits using items they may already have in their wardrobes. The speaker emphasizes the importance of choosing the right color combination to create a stylish look and avoid fashion mistakes.

Color Combinations For Summer

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