Summer Fashion Trends 2023 to Avoid

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Summer Fashion Trends 2023 to Avoid

In this video, the presenter encourages viewers to plan ahead and avoid any costly fashion mistakes by discussing some of the fashion trends that she thinks people should avoid this summer.

The first fashion trend that she suggests avoiding this summer is a trend for wearing a zesty green color. She advises that this color can be tricky to wear and suggests using it as an accent piece rather than wearing it top to toe.

The second trend that Leonie suggests avoiding is a trend called “mermaid core,” which features ombre-style prints. She advises that this trend is likely to be a passing fad and may not be worth investing in.

The presenter suggests looking around before jumping into the trend.

Watch the video below to find out about other fashion trends to avoid this summer.

Summer Fashion Trends 2023 to Avoid


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