How to Dress Classy & Rich in The Summer

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How to Dress Classy in The Summer

When I was watching Anatomy of a Scandal on Netflix, I was inspired to create this article about classy, rich mom outfits for the summer.

There’s Sienna Miller in there. She’s a rich, influential mother, and they dressed her in the manner of a politician’s wife. Everything she’s wearing fits her exactly, it’s really timeless, and it’s understated elegance.

She’s very put together, very elegant but not too much luxury, and everything she’s wearing fits her perfectly.

She has no intention of wearing cutouts or any other popular fad. Her wardrobe will be able to last her for a long time.

Is it necessary to be wealthy to have the rich and classy mom look? No!

It’s just a look that, if you like it and it speaks to you, is actually rather simple to achieve.

I’ve put together a few outfits for you to complete this classy, rich mom style.

What Do You Need?

First and foremost, this is what you’ll need to achieve the rich mom look in the summer.

In your wardrobe, you should have a nice assortment of neutral outfits. They must be extremely well-fitting; they must not pull or pinch, nor be excessively baggy or tight. They have to be a perfect fit for your body.

The other two requirements are that you have the appropriate accessories. You don’t need a lot of them, but each one should be tailored to your needs. Make a statement with some gold jewelry. It doesn’t have to be flashy luxury, but it should be in the gold or silver category.

If you’re attempting to pull off the rich mom look, don’t wear a full-on logo outfit with Gucci all over it. That’s not the rich mom aesthetic.

Color blocking is also not an option. Color blocking is one of my favorite things to do, although it’s not exactly a rich mom look for the summer.

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Let’s get down to business with some specific outfits.

Because I can’t even think about fall weather right now, these outfits will be targeted toward spring and summer.

Outfit 1

Let’s start with the first outfit, which consists of a neutral tank top, linen pants, gold jewelry, and thin strappy sandals. They should not have a very high heel, but they could have a very low heel if that is your desire.

This outfit appeals to me since it is well-balanced, with the tighter top and linen trousers.

If you don’t want to display your arms or don’t like sleeveless tops, a fitted shirt would work well here.

I don’t picture our rich mother wearing three-inch thick hefty platform sandals. They’ll be more dainty and practical, in my opinion.

Outfit 2

Our second outfit for our rich, classy mom will consist of a linen button-down shirt, linen shorts (which could also be cotton), a structured handbag, and sunglasses that are slightly cat eye, slightly rectangle, or some other form that complements this ensemble.

This has a nice loose fit to it. You could certainly wear linen pants here, but I believe the natural fabric is the key to this outfit’s rich mama summer aesthetics.

You could accessorize with some gold jewelry. I enjoy dainty gold jewelry in this setting, but it’s all up to you.

For shoes, I’d go for a low-key nude sandal or nude slide.

Outfit 3

Our next outfit will be monochrome. Monochrome outfits effortlessly exude a rich, classy vibe without even trying.

This could be a set of colors that match or just colors from the same family. This can be done in any style you like.

Just keep in mind that it should fit your body and not be overly trendy. It should be in a more classic style, not too tight or too loose.

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Outfit 4

Color is certainly something that rich mum enjoys. What colors would the rich mother choose?

She does have her own particular taste, therefore she is likely to have colors that she prefers and colors that she prefers to avoid.

I believe our rich mother will choose a deep crimson, cobalt blue, or a lovely deep green.

So for this outfit, I like to pick one color and make it the focal point, with the rest of the outfit serving as a backdrop.

I like putting red pants with a really basic neutral tank top. It may be a really fitting shirt, a white button-up shirt, or anything else that’s extremely neutral and can stand in the backdrop of that color for you.

I really enjoy putting something simple like a good red pant that can be dressed up quickly. Because I appreciate the juxtaposition of the two, I like putting that back with something really plain. They balance each other.

This outfit is appropriate for a summer party where you want to look beautiful but know it will be hot.

To finish the outfit, I’d add some jewelry and accessories.

Here, a rich mother could wear a lovely green shirt and keep the rest of her outfit simple and timeless. With her blouse, she might wear straight leg pants, nude shoes, and jewelry.

Outfit 5

What about dresses? Our rich mom will undoubtedly want to dress up.

Sienna Miller wore this lovely white dress in Anatomy of a Scandal, and it was a perfect fit for her. If it were on me, it would most likely resemble a potato sack.

But she discovered something that perfectly complemented her style, body, appearance, and overall aesthetic, and it worked for her.

The point is that you must pick a dress that flatters you and your body type.

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She’s not going to choose a dress with a lot of bells and whistles, cutouts, crochet, frills, and all that stuff for a rich, classy mom dress.

It’ll be a much more simple dress, more of an exquisite understated look. We’re not too concerned with the finer details of this dress. We’re more concerned with the fabric’s quality and how it feels against your body.

This is one of those items where you may need to take it to a tailor to get it to fit properly.

In The End

What are your thoughts on these rich mom outfits? Do you think you can pull off the rich, classy look? Do you want to look like a rich mother?

I’ll admit that there are moments when I really crave this look. I have no idea why. I’m not sure what causes it. Simply put, I want to appear elegant, polished, and ageless.

Then there are those occasions when I want to wear neon lime green.

How to Dress Rich in Summer


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