10 Things NOT to Wear This Summer

Things NOT to Wear This Summer

In this article you will find out about ten things not to wear this summer.

It’s all about those past-their-prime summer fashion trends.

There are a few summer trends that I’ve noticed aren’t merely fading, but are actually on their way out.

I’d concentrate on the trends that aren’t as prominent as they once were, as well as what we’ll be wearing and focusing on instead.

Let’s take a look at some of the trends that have outlived their usefulness.


Cardigans have been replaced with shrugs and what I’m calling micro knits, which is hard to imagine that this trend is on my list.

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For a long time, I’ve been a big admirer of small cardigans since, in the summer, you frequently just need a little something more to put over your shoulders, give you a little bit of warmth, or cover up your upper arms.

Cardigans have always been my go-to for that reason, but this season I’m seeing these micro little knits that are effectively just little arm cover shrugs replacing them.

I adore these items since they stand out on their own and are ideal for concealing your upper arms. They provide a little extra warmth when you need it and are a modern take on a classic cardi.

Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags are next on the list, and I hate to say it, but they’re out.

Of course, this does not imply that you should stop wearing them. I’m not going to stop wearing my crossbody bags since I enjoy having my hands free.

In their place, though, is a shoulder bag with a 90s vibe.

A lot of these bags are bright and exciting, and they’re also compact.

We’re seeing these charming and bright small shoulder purses instead of the hands-free cross-body style.

If you want to add a splash of color to your ensemble, one of these shoulder bags is the way to go.

Midi Slip Dresses

For the summer, slip dresses are a must-have. They’re always in trend during the summer.

It makes a lot of sense, yet maxi slip dresses are all the rage this summer.

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Midi slip dresses were all the rage last summer. Don’t get rid of your midi slip dress, which is a garment that falls just below the knee. Simply hold it aside this season and experiment with the maxi slip dress trend.

It’s a dish maxi dress that I recently purchased. At the top, there’s a contrasting detail that gives a little bit of interest.

These dresses are one of my favorites because they are multi-seasonal.

You may easily wear these during the winter by just adding knits. That’s how I’m wearing to style my maxi slip dress.

Hold on to your midi slip dresses, but opt for a maxi slip if you truly want to be on trend this summer.

Colored Jeans

Cargo pants are another trend that’s gaining traction and is destined to be the look of the summer.

Colored jeans are replaced by them.

I don’t consider white jeans to be colored jeans; instead, I’m referring to brilliant orange, red, hot pink, and blue. Last summer, colored jeans made a huge comeback.

They appear to be on their way out this summer, and a good old cargo pant is taking their place.

I’m here for it. They’re made for comfort, they look great, and they’re increasingly replacing classic leggings for that athleisure street style vibe.

We may have gone to the grocery wearing leggings last summer. Instead, we’ll be wearing cargo pants this season.

It’s quite comfortable, cool, and casual, and the cargos can be dressed up or down. For that simple fact, they are versatile and I am here for them.


The next trend that will be out for summer, and I am excited about this, is stilettos.

The wedge has replaced the position of the stiletto heel.

If you’ve ever worn wedges before, you already know how comfortable they are.

A wedge is the way to go if you want a shoe with a little bit of height without compromising comfort.

Instead of stilettos, I’m considering trying trainers, loafers, or any other sort of flat.

And while we’re on the subject of loafers, they’re also really popular this summer. Instead of crucifying your feet with stiletto heels, choose a wedge or loafers if you really want to relax.

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Sweater Shorts

The sweater style short was the season’s short last summer.

That seems logical, given that we’ve been under lockdown and have been sweating profusely. We chose a summer variation of our classic sweatpants when summer arrived. That was a short that looked like a sweater.

They’ve been phased out, and in their place are what I call windbreaker-style pants.

It’s a nice fabric, and it’s a full-length pant, but it’s billowy and looks almost like an old-fashioned parachute pant, but it’s not quite as overdone and big.

I enjoy how versatile these pants are, but like with any of the trends I’m discussing, if you favor sweater shorts, wear them.

This is my take on what I’m seeing in terms of trends, what’s new, and what’s replacing the place of some of the old.

However, if you like something, keep wearing it.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats appear to be fading in popularity.

I adore them, and they’re both functional and reasonable, but a bandana appears to be replacing their place in terms of fashion.

Of course, wearing a bandana will not provide the same benefits. You’re going to have that cool factor. They’re also ideal for a terrible hair day. They might simply add a splash of color and excitement to an ensemble.

Obviously, you won’t receive the same kind of sun protection as you would with a bucket hat, but I’m seeing bucket hats being phased out in favor of bandanas.

Of course, if you want to protect yourself from the sun, you’ll need to wear a hat. Bandanas, on the other hand, appear to be the rage in the fashion world.

Classic Jeans

There has been a lot of debate about denim jeans and what’s in style, but what I’m seeing is that your classic jeans are being replaced by a simple cargo pant.

That doesn’t rule out the possibility of continuing to wear and enjoy your current pair of jeans. Regardless of what’s trending in terms of cut and style, the most on trend jeans for you are the ones that you personally love and feel the greatest in.

Anything high waisted, wide legged, and with a slight flare is the top jean denim trend right now.

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However, this isn’t going to be suitable for everyone. Again, the ideal jeans for you are the ones that are currently fashionable for you.

Jeans are being replaced by cargo pants in general.

I’ve always like cargo pants, and as I previously stated, they’re excellent since they look great even when worn casually on the street with trainers. They can, however, be dressed up as well.

It makes them the most versatile pair of pants available.

So, if you’re looking for something different than your beloved pair of jeans, consider investing in a solid pair of classic cargo pants.


We saw a lot of patchwork and almost a cottage feel to a lot of the items last summer. Patchwork-style embellishments adorned the dresses.

That, as well as the entire homespun appearance, has vanished.

Netting or a knitted style trend have replaced its position.

Knitted polo style tops and knitted style dresses are available.

You still get that homey feeling, but in a lot more sophisticated and elegant way.

A sleek and classy knit has replaced the position of the patchworked home style attire.

Standard Leggings

Standard leggings are also being replaced by leggings with ruching detail for the summer.

I’m sure you’ve seen it before, but the ruching feature on leggings gives them a whole new level.

It also shapes your body in all the correct spots and gives you a little more form.

They’re quite flattering, and they just add a little other dimension to a pair of classic leggings that would otherwise be boring.

Take a peek at some of these ruched choices if you’re looking to change up your athleisure street style leggings. They’re undoubtedly quite attractive.

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