6 New Summer Styles & Looks For Women To Try

New Summer Styles

I’ve compiled a list of six new summer clothing styles or looks that I believe demand our attention.

Hopefully, one or two of them will strike a chord with you, especially if you have a summer event or fancy outing planned.

These are just a few of the more interesting ones I’ve come across.

Sparkle and Sequins

The first trend I’d like to highlight is sequins and sparkle, which are popular in the summertime, even throughout the day.

Normally, sequins and sparkle are reserved for the fall, winter, and new year’s holidays. How will you wear this off in the summertime without looking like you’re ready to finally join the circus?

Wearing it only on the bottom half of your body is one technique to accomplish this.

It doesn’t look as dazzling when you put sequins or sparkle in a skirt or someplace on the lower half and pair it with something really plain, quite toned down on top.

I just placed an order for a disco sequins skirt, which I plan to pair with a white button down. It sounds fantastic in my head; perhaps it will work out. It’ll be a really cute look, I feel. I’ll be comfortable on top, but the sequin skirt will be on.

Coastal Grandma Aesthetic

The next look is the coastal grandma, which is a sister to the rich mom look. Have you ever heard of the “coastal grandma” look?

I’m not referring to any grandmother who lives near a beach. This is a grandmother who has been married three times, is no longer married, and exclusively wears nudes and beige, as well as very easy, timeless, classic goods that all go together.

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She doesn’t have to worry about stains, and she doesn’t have to stress about what to wear because everything in her closet is timeless; it’s all beige, nudes, and taupes.

Diane Keaton, I believe, is a good illustration of this look.

It’s that aesthetic, and I love how basic and easy it is to wear.

If you’re simply plain stressed out and can’t take fashion trends but still want to look good, coastal grandmother is the answer.

Classic colors include beige, taupe, browns, and navy. Add a pair of beautiful sunglasses and some gold jewelry, and you’re good to go; you won’t have to worry about what to wear again.


The color pink will be used in the next style, which will be on the opposite side of the spectrum.

I’m surprised I’m even mentioning this as a trend considering I’m not a huge lover of pink. It’s not something I’ve ever thought looked good on me. It appears to be something worn by little girls.

It is, nevertheless, a significant trend. Hot pink is one of the strong colors that is now popular.

I’ve seen enough now that I genuinely like it, not all of the time, but it’s something I’ve started to gravitate toward.

I did purchase two pink items for myself. One is an off-the-shoulder top that I’ve worn a lot with white bottoms for a cute summer look.

The other was a tank top.  I bought the garment to wear to the beach, but I really like the color, and it’s a nice change of pace from the colors I usually wear.

2 Piece Sets

This next summer look isn’t brand new, but I feel it deserves some attention because there are so many cute options out there. The two-piece set is what you’re looking for.

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Not just any old two-piece combination, like a lounge set or something, but a blazer and short combo.

However, if the blazer and shorts ensemble does not suit you or your climate, stick to standard two-piece sets in a bright color, such as pastel, blue, or green. They’re all over the place, in a variety of fabrics and styles.

It’s also a simple outfit to throw on when you don’t know what to wear. It’s merely a collection of quick-to-put-together ensembles.


The next summer look I’ve been seeing is textures on your clothes, which I really like.

Why I like this trend is that in the summertime, we don’t want to wear a lot of clothes because we’re hot, but when you add just a little bit of texture to a simple top or basic ensemble, it makes such an interesting look without trying too hard or adding a lot of layers.

I love this in dresses. If you have somewhere to go where you need to be a little more dressed up, but you know it’ll be hot and you want to wear a dress, you might look for something that’s more simple but has a little bit of texture to it, which looks a little bit more interesting than just a plain fabric.

Fringe has been a popular trend for a long time, and it never goes out of style. However, you must be very careful with fringe because if you sit in a car and close the door, your fringe will hang out the side. Similarly, going to the bathroom. When I consider wearing fringe, all of these things come to mind.

However, if I had an event to go where I knew I’d be standing the entire time for a couple of hours, and I wanted to look extremely nice and elegant, these fringe dresses and skirts would be perfect.

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If you enjoy the fringe look, bear in mind that longer fringe, not short fringe, is currently in style.

Sarong Skirts

Sarong skirts are the latest style trend.

The maxi length is back, and it’s a big summer trend. I believe it will continue into the fall, but it is a major trend that has returned.

However, in the summer, with the heat and humidity, wearing a full-on maxi skirt that reaches your feet with no slit might make you quite hot.

So while I love the ones with a slit, these sarong skirts effectively kill two birds with one stone. You’re wearing a maxi skirt, but it’s more of a sarong look. You’re not sweating to death on your legs because you have a lot of airflow coming through your skirt.

It’s perfect for a summer look, a daily look, or even an early dinner look, or for a vacation.

You might wear it with a bikini top or over a one-piece bathing suit. This skirt can be worn in a variety of ways.

New Summer Looks


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