10 Small Summer Style Trends For 2022

Summer Style Trends For 2022

Here, I share 10 pretty cool summer style trends that may not have received much publicity, but they are definitely well worth checking out.

They may no longer be all that tiny for some of them. They have definitely started to pick up steam in the past couple of weeks, so they are trends in their own right.

There is definitely something here for everyone, but I’ve chosen 10 of these trends that haven’t received a lot of publicity. You’ll like one or two of these summer style trends, I’m sure.

Knee Length Skirts

Knee-length skirts are the first trend I wanted to discuss.

Although the summer season is all about maxi skirts and mini skirts, I’m also seeing a lot of knee-length skirts.

It’s got that in-between length, which may look extremely good. A skirt that is knee length is generally flattering because it is the perfect length—not too short, nor too long.

If you don’t like the extremes when it comes to skirt lengths—minis, maxis, or anything in between—the knee-length skirt is undoubtedly something for you.

Body Suits

Wearing body suits is a small-scale trend that may not appeal to everyone.

They simply make the ideal foundational piece. You may add a longer layer over the top or just an oversized shirt to cover up or provide you with a little bit more warmth or coverage if you don’t like something that’s quite that figure-hugging.

However, body suits are widely available and come in a variety of strap details and coverage options.

Take a look around to see what body suits are available.


Strapless tops and dresses are another trend that I’ve noticed a lot of this summer and haven’t seen in a few summers.

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I especially adore this trend because my shoulders are my favorite body part. Crop tops, mid-drift tops, and blouses seem to be everywhere this summer.

That’s the area of my body that bothers me the most, so being able to expose a small bit of skin in a way that makes me feel at ease is fantastic.

There are many lovely blouses and dresses available right now that don’t have straps if you prefer your shoulders.

Chunky Gold Hoops

The return of big, chunky gold hoops is another little trend that I’m noticing and adoring.

I’m definitely considering purchasing a pair of nicer, chunkier, slightly bigger gold hoops for myself. I’m all for it and will definitely give this trend a shot.

It just adds a touch of style to an otherwise quite casual summer ensemble. It’s an easy way to add accessories to dress up a really plain clothing or a classic summer tee.


The look of camo is the following trend that I truly like.

I’m attributing the resurgence of camo to the popularity of cargo pants this summer and their comeback in fashion.

It’s a print that seems to fit a lot of people, it’s neutral but fascinating and patterned, and I do think it’s a really pleasant fabric.

I see additional camouflage aspects as I search for it. There are a lot of camo shirts and pants around.

There are some camo aspects out there; if you prefer that sort of practical, street-style look, check out some of these amazing camo pieces.

Backless Dresses

The next trend is stunning and one that I’m noticing more and more of as summer continues: wearing dresses with no backs.

This look is beautiful, quite elegant, and clearly great for hot weather.

There are some absolutely stunning items, including some great backless maxi dresses with beautiful tie details. In addition, I’ve seen several beautiful tops with a hint of backless at the back.

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It is a really feminine, sophisticated, and clearly great for summer look.

Even if it’s not for everyone, it’s on this list since it’s incredibly attractive and is definitely gaining popularity.


Halternecks appear to be in style once again, which I blame on Tick Tock. There are numerous videos of girls converting a regular tank top into a halterneck by crossing it over. That marked the return of the halterneck’s resurgence in popularity.

I like the trend because I prefer showing a little bit of skin on my shoulders, but you usually cover your neck and chest, which is fine with me.

Therefore, halternecks are definitely fashionable, and there are many beautiful halterneck shirts and dresses.


Jumpsuits are making a return, which has also surprised me about this trend.

I am aware that they are not for everyone because they make using the restroom a little more difficult than with a maxi dress.

Jumpsuits, however, are definitely the way to go if you’re not into maxi dresses or if you’re a little bit more petite.

They give you that femininity and coverage, but they will also check the box for you if you enjoy wearing pants.

Jumpsuits have become increasingly military-inspired and practical over the past couple of summers. However, the jumpsuits I’m seeing this season are very feminine and summery.

There are a few that are strapless that I’ve also seen, so some of the major trends for the season are being combined.

Slip Dresses

The return of slip dresses is perhaps my favorite mini-trend right now.

There are slip dresses everywhere, though not nearly as many as I have seen recently, so perhaps I shouldn’t say the return.

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There are slip dresses available in every conceivable shape, style, texture, and form.

There are slip dresses with bodycon cuts, more a-line slip dresses, and side-cut slip dresses.

I frequently mention slip dresses as a wardrobe essential since you can wear them all year long by layering other clothing over and under them.

There are many options right now, so if you’ve been considering updating and getting a new slip dress, this is the perfect opportunity. There would be a treat waiting for you.

Parachute Pants

The return of parachute pants is last but not least. I’m blaming the return in popularity of parachute pants to the resurgence of cargo pants.

I keep spotting these somewhat oversized, overblown parachute-style cargo pants as I look around.

They’re fantastic and go great with body suits, which are really popular right now. They are cozy and a little bit more accommodating than classic cargo or classic chino.

They are more comfortable to wear because they don’t have the old scratchy, noisy parachute cloth.

A small trend that is definitely worth examining are parachutes pants.

Small Summer Style Trends


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