10 Summer Trends 2023 Outfits

2023 summer trends outfits

In this video, host Leonie is sharing 10 mini summer fashion trends that deserve more attention.

She starts by discussing the trend of Raffia, which includes baskets, bags, totes, and shoes made from the material. Raffia gives off tropical vibes and goes well with any outfit due to its versatility.

The next trend she mentions is strapless dresses. While acknowledging the need for a supportive strapless bra, she highlights that strapless dresses can be pretty and stylish when paired with pops of color and accessories.

She moves on to talk about the color trend of vibrant orange. She suggests that while vibrant tangerine orange works well for warmer skin tones, paler skin tones can opt for more muted shades like coral or peach. She also advises using neon oranges as accent colors rather than wearing them all over.

Leonie shares styling tips for vibrant orange, suggesting clashing it with opposing colors like pink, red, or cobalt blue. She advises against pairing it with black, as it can dampen the vibrancy of the orange and create a less sophisticated look.

She mentions that adding vibrant accessories like purses or shoes is a simple and affordable way to incorporate bright colors into outfits.

The next trend she discusses is denim bustiers. Although she acknowledges that some viewers may feel they are too old for this trend, she sees them as great base layering pieces and suggests styling them with oversized blazers or lightweight bomber jackets.

Leonie expresses her appreciation for statement necklaces, which she believes can add interest to simple outfits. She mentions being inspired by stylist Carla Rockmore, who uses statement necklaces to complete her outfits. She suggests that costume jewelry statement necklaces can be a cost-effective way to update one’s wardrobe.

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She mentions the trend of tailored vests, which she sees as an interesting update to traditional summer tops. While acknowledging that not everyone may be comfortable showing their arms, she suggests wearing vests as an extra layer over a t-shirt or sheer top.

Leonie talks about the underrated trend of tank tops, particularly for those who are experimenting with fuller trousers or pants. She mentions that tank tops can be paired with lightweight cardigans, oversized blazers, denim jackets, or lightweight bombers to create a summery silhouette.

Lavender is highlighted as a trending color for spring and summer. Leonie mentions that lavender works well with denim and can be freshened up with white. She describes it as a forgiving, feminine, and pretty color worth considering.

The video concludes with Leoni mentioning the popularity of low-profile sneakers, specifically the Adidas Samba sneaker. She states that these sneakers go well with basic denim pieces, as well as maxi skirts and dresses.


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