How to Layer Clothes For Summer (Women)

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How to Layer Clothes For Summer

If you’re nervous about showing a little bit more skin this summer, keep reading. This article is all about layering clothes for summer.

Not everybody is relishing the idea of showing a little bit more skin, and wearing shorts or wearing string tops.

It’s not for everybody.

Some of us want to stay covered up. How do you do that in summer when it gets a little bit hot.

Do we have ideas? Oh yes, we do.

Keep reading to find out more.


The first thing to be mindful of when it comes into summer is your fabric choice.

You can still go for those longer sleeves on the arm or on the trousers, you don’t have to show off skin.

But I would recommend taking a good look at your fabric choices. The more natural fabric choices that you can go for, the more breathable they are, so you’re not going to get overheated.

Your skin is going to be able to breathe because the fabric is breathable.

Also those kind of materials are sweat wicking. It’s going to absorb any sweat that you might have on the body.

It is just an overall more comfortable experience when the weather gets warmer.

So you can absolutely go for those long-sleeve, long trousers, long skirts, but be careful of your fabric choices.

You want to be thinking about those fabrics like linen or cotton, anything like that that is suitable and breathable for hot weather.

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That’s what you want to be looking for. Stay away from those polyesters and those synthetic fibers. They’re going to make you sweat.

They’re going to make you uncomfortable and you’re going to want to take off your clothes, which is what we’re trying not to do.


One of my favorite things to do in summer is to use things like kimonos, duster coats. Those kind of things for layering.

I like to wear shorts, I like to allow my legs to breathe in the summer. My legs are not my most favorite part and so I’m not keen on having them on show completely.

I like to choose longer layers that give me that comfort level and a little bit of layering going on and that just makes me more comfortable.

It doesn’t show as much skin as if I didn’t have those layers.

Kimonos are so wonderful and anything that you can just throw on over the shoulders. It’s not going to make you that much warmer if at all. They’re really comfortable and stylish.


Another nice layering trick for summer is to simply drape a sweater or cardigan over your shoulders.

It’s always handy, depending on where you are in the world, you always want to have an outer layer handy because the weather is so unpredictable.

It can get cold very quickly even if it is a warm day or you can walk a few meters down the road and you’re at the beach and it’s cold.

You’re always going to want to have another layer.

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I think draping a layer onto the shoulders is a really stylish and sophisticated way of layering.

That does come with a warning though, because if you are let’s say an inverted triangle, and you don’t want to be adding volume to the upper half of the body. This tip may not be for you because it’s going to add more interest to the upper part of the body.

There are ways to offset that by choosing chunkier shoes or bringing more details down to the lower half of the body.

There are ways to mitigate the volume that you add to the upper half of the body. So it’s not a write-off completely.

But a lovely lovely way to layer.

Wrap Dress

Another tip that you might want to try out or take on is the idea of a wrap dress.

I’m not wearing it traditionally as a wrap dress. These are kind of items that I find many people have in their wardrobes.

I think many people have a wrap dress. It’s kind of a go-to thing. I love to wear wrap dresses as another layering piece.

It just adds a little bit more thoughtfulness to an outfit.

I mean my outfit could be just jeans and a t-shirt, which is kind of basic outfit. But by adding on this wrap dress, which I’ve left open, it just takes it to another style level.

It makes it more interesting when you add a third piece to an outfit. It always looks so much more stylish than just having two pieces.

So if you do have a wrap dress in your wardrobe, and you’ve been wearing it as a wrap dress, I challenge you now to take another look at it.

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Try to style it so that you’re using it as a layering piece rather than a full outfit.

Those are my top tips for layering for summer. I do hope you found them helpful.


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