10 Summer 2023 Fashion Trends

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Summer 2023 Fashion Trends

This video is discussing wearable summer fashion trends for 2023. The presenter, Leonie, introduces 10 trends that she believes will be popular and easy to wear during the upcoming summer season.

The first trend discussed is the suit vest, which is being worn as a top. Leoni describes it as a versatile piece that can be paired with wide-legged pants or man-style tailoring.

The second trend is the resurgence of cobalt blue as a universally flattering color that will be available in a range of clothing items.

The third trend is summer black, which includes sheer fabrics, crochet, and open weave knit fabrics.

Leoni also discusses other trends such as maxi hems, print sets, white outfits, metalic accessories, cargo pants, fisherman sandals. She provides styling tips and suggests ways to incorporate the trends into existing wardrobes.

Overall, the video aims to provide viewers with ideas and inspiration for their summer wardrobes while highlighting a socially responsible brand.

10 Summer 2023 Fashion Trends

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