Summer Fashion Mistakes That Women Make

Summer Fashion Mistakes

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In this article, I’d want to discuss some of the most common summer fashion mistakes that we all make, as well as how to correct them so that you can look and feel your best throughout the warmest months of the year.

Summers in my current place are quite hot, and on top of that, most days are extremely humid.

This makes getting dressed quite difficult, and even the lightest fabrics can feel too much.

Many of the recommendations I’m going to share with you here are the consequence of what I’ve learned over the previous several years, and how I’ve just accepted that summer wearing will be different than how I dress in the spring and fall.

Many of these suggestions are best taken as they are. They could fluctuate from day to day. Certain days will be hotter than others, and you will be more inspired to get dressed on some days than others.

Not Paying Attention to Fabrics

My first piece of advice is to pay special attention to the fabrics and materials you’re wearing.

I like natural fibers, however it’s critical when traveling somewhere hot and humid. Cotton and linen, for example, are far more breathable than synthetic fabrics, and polyester, for example, is practically plastic.

You could as well throw on a plastic garbage bag and go outside. It can surely add to the suffocating sensation.

It’s far more comfortable to wear breathable and slightly airy clothing that allows perspiration to flow away from your body and keeps you considerably more comfortable during hot days.

Forgetting Accessories

The second summer fashion mistake I’d like to discuss is overlooking accessories.

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When it comes to getting dressed, accessories are crucial all year. However, in the fall and winter, accessories aren’t as required because you may layer your ensembles and add visual intrigue by adding a third piece.

The most significant technique to add visual appeal in the summer, when it gets particularly hot and you have to wear less clothes, is through your accessories.

Things that don’t add weight, bulk, or heat to your body but keep things from becoming too mundane.

Statement sunglasses and statement earrings, especially chunkier earrings that draw attention to anything you’ve decided to add to your outfit, are two of my favorites. They don’t add any weight or discomfort to your outfit because they aren’t worn around your neck, but they do offer some intrigue.

Rings and bracelets are also excellent choices for hot weather.

Then there are the wonderful shoes and purses. They’ll quickly transform any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. A fantastic pair of shoes and a great purse make it feel so unique, even when you’re wearing something as simple as a lightweight tank top and shorts.

Not Experimenting

The next summer fashion mistake is not experimenting with new looks or changing up your go-tos.

You have items in your closet that you know you love, that make you feel fantastic when you wear them, and that you can wear for the majority of the year.

But then summer arrives, and you’re suddenly unable to wear them.

They’re too hot, too suffocating, and they just don’t fit the season.

I’ve had to reconsider some of those and compartmentalize my closet so that I have things that work for a decent chunk of the year and then stuff that are practically solely for summer because I relocated somewhere that’s a lot warmer than I’m used to.

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I’ve really leaned into the summer section of my wardrobe, playing with it more and deliberately adding items. Things I can look forward to wearing instead of feeling like I couldn’t wear anything else.

This is an excellent opportunity to experiment with your makeup and hairstyle. Hair can be tough to manage, especially if you live somewhere that is extremely humid.

Instead of fighting frizz and trying to arrange your hair into something that won’t wear up in the heat and humidity, try a fresh look.

Experiment with different styles and ways to embrace your natural texture. It’s something I’ve tried, and it’s been really liberating, making summertime much more easy and fun, rather than confining and unpleasant.

Putting Quantity Before Quality

The second summer fashion faux pas I’d like to discuss is prioritizing quantity above quality.

As I previously stated, you can definitely count on a third piece to bring interest to your outfit for the bulk of the year, especially if you reside somewhere colder than I do. Things can be layered to make them more interesting and enjoyable.

But you can’t do that in the summer or whenever it’s too hot. Instead, I prefer to concentrate on a single noteworthy piece.

My accessories give visual interest, but also something that performs all the work for you.

A nice dress, a great romper, and you’ll have enough interest in your outfit without having to do anything else.

Last but not least, rather than wearing skin-tight clothing, go for a slightly bigger or looser fit.

Choosing t-shirts with a little more breathing room, space around the sleeves, and the ability to let natural air conditioning in.

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Similar to shorts, things that aren’t stuck to your skin but are little billowy are ideal. Dresses have a little amount of breathing room, for example.

A size larger than you normally wear can make a significant impact.

Things feel a little bit more swollen and painful for me in the heat, and I feel a little bit more bloated than usual. So choosing light fabrics and slightly oversized or billowy cuts makes a huge difference and helps me to dress in a way that allows me to enjoy the summer and go outside and have fun without feeling suffocated.

Hopefully, these suggestions will be useful.

Since living somewhere hot, I’ve learned a lot and it’s helped me rethink a lot of my fashion perspectives.

So perhaps this will be useful to you if you live in a hot climate or are considering migrating to one.

Summer Style Mistakes

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