Brown Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial


Dive into the world of glamorous eye makeup with this comprehensive tutorial, featuring step-by-step instructions on creating a stunning brown glitter look.

The makeup artist uses the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette for the eye makeup and starts by finding her eyelids, applying Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer, and setting it with translucent powder.

Various eyeshadow shades from the palette, including soft brown, powder, buns, mocha, beam, queen, and roxanna roxanne, are used. The artist describes the brushes used, such as the Betty Brand Makeup Addiction brush and the Mac 242 brush.

Brown Glitter Eye Makeup Look

Special emphasis is placed on making the eyeshadow shades pop by wetting the brush before applying the shades beam and queen, which are used on the eyelids.

A rose gold glitter by the brand Certified is applied on the eyelids using Mac Mixing Medium Gel, creating a sparkling effect. The artist also shares that the glitter application may require additional layers of the mixing medium gel.

The makeup artist uses a black eyeliner from the brand Beauty Bakery, but notes that it applies somewhat sheer. She supplements it with NVC liquid liner for a more intense look.

Concealer is applied underneath the wing of the eyeliner to create a sharp look. The waterline is lined with Marc Jacobs Highliner pencil in the shade “Blacker” for a smoky effect.

The lower lash line is defined using black eyeshadow from the Morphe palette, and additional shades like rock style are applied to blend and create a cohesive look.

Brown Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial

The makeup artist uses a Dose of Colors pencil brush to blend the lower lash line, achieving a smoky effect.

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A new Max Factor mascara is tested, and the artist expresses satisfaction with the lengthening effect on both upper and lower lashes, despite the preference for a slightly smaller brush.

The artist applies lashes off-camera, specifically mentioning that she’s wearing the style “Sassy” from her own lash company. A link to purchase the lashes is promised in the video description.


Brown Glitter Eyeshadow Look


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