How to Do Everyday Soft Glam Makeup Look

How to Apply Soft Glam Makeup

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Learn how to create the perfect everyday soft glam makeup look in this detailed step-by-step tutorial. With a beautiful mix of neutrals and naturals, you’ll be able to achieve a full glam look that’s suitable for any occasion.

Eyeshadow Palette and Base:

  • The featured eyeshadow palette is called Prism, obtained from Amazon for $8.
  • Emphasizes using P Louise eyeshadow base, which is described as drying down matte, making it suitable for natural and neutral eyeshadows.
  • Palette is praised for having a mix of neutrals, naturals, shimmer shades, and being beginner-friendly.

Eyeshadow Application:

  • Demonstrates starting with a neutral eyeshadow shade as a transition color, applied all over the crease area to set the eyeshadow base.
  • Uses a dark brown shade called “Ravish” to create dimension on the outer corner of the eyes, blending it with a burnt orange shade for a seamless transition.
  • Highlights the versatility of the palette, suitable for both natural and full glam looks.

How to Do Soft Glam Makeup

Eyeliner and Lashes:

  • Recommends an Urban Decay glide-on eyeliner for its smudge-friendly quality.
  • Shows the technique of smudging the eyeliner with a small brush for a smoky effect.
  • Suggests the use of natural eyelashes to complement the soft glam look.

Face Prep and Foundation:

  • Prioritizes complexion, but for this tutorial, eyes are done first for a full glam look.
  • Recommends Mac Studio Radiance primer for its hydrating and silky properties.
  • Uses Rose Ink Foundation (shade 28 W) for full coverage with a glowy finish, suitable for various skin types.

Everyday Soft Glam Makeup Look

Concealer and Contour:

  • Introduces Huda Beauty’s Triclone concealers for addressing discoloration.
  • Applies a deeper shade in areas with more discoloration and a lighter shade for brightening.
  • Features Give Beauty Contour Palette (Heatwave shade) for a pigmented but natural-looking contour.
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Blush and Lips:

  • Applies Pat McGrath Cream Blush with fingers, praising its natural and buildable finish.
  • Layers Huda Beauty powdered blush (Lavender Blonde) on top for increased longevity and a lighter, natural look.
  • Recommends a Rare Beauty lip liner in Shade Strong and matte Lip Cream in Elevate for the lips.

How to Get a Soft Glam Makeup Look

Setting Powder and Mascara:

  • Uses Huda Beauty Easy Bake setting powder (shade Kunafa) under the eyes for setting the concealer.
  • Demonstrates the use of lash primer before applying Essence lash princess mascara for lengthened and fuller bottom eyelashes.

Additional Tips:

  • Advises against using the setting powder if one has under-eye wrinkles or mature skin, as it may emphasize texture.
  • Mentions using a damp Beauty sponge for concealer blending to avoid irritation on sensitive under-eye skin.
  • Recommends checking out another video for achieving the perfect winged eyeliner.

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