Simple 5 Minute Eye Makeup For Work

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5 Minute Eye Makeup

This video is a five-minute eye makeup tutorial for work or everyday use. The creator focuses on using affordable, mainly drugstore makeup products for the tutorial.

The creator mentions the use of an eyeshadow primer, specifically from MAC, expressing interest in finding a drugstore alternative and inviting viewers to share their recommendations.

The tutorial features the use of eyeshadow guards, available on the creator’s website, to pick up fallout and serve as a guideline for the winged eyeliner application.

The eyeshadow palette showcased in the tutorial is from Essence, offering a variety of soft and shimmery colors. The creator starts with a light brown shade applied all over the crease using a large fluffy blending brush (E40). A soft pink color is then applied with the finger for enhanced color payoff on the eyelids.

Simple Eye Makeup For Work

The winged liner is created using Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner and an angled brow brush from Sigma Beauty. The creator emphasizes achieving a straight line above the lash line before focusing on the winged liner. An eyeshadow guard or normal sticky tape can be used as a guideline for a sharp edge.

To smudge the winged liner, the creator uses the darkest brown color from the Essence palette with a small brush from Save. A concealer from Barium Cosmetics is applied beneath the winged liner to clean it up and create a sharp line.

A pencil from L’Oréal in a copper brown shade is applied to the waterline, providing a drugstore alternative to a similar shade from Urban Decay. The creator expresses a preference for such shades for the waterline.

The creator curls their lashes and uses Rimmel London’s WonderLuxe Volume Mascara, applying a moderate amount to avoid interfering with the application of fake lashes. The mascara is praised for providing volume, especially for the lower lashes.

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The video concludes with the creator using fake lashes from their own lash company, specifically the style “Impishly.”

Eye Makeup For Work

The creator invites viewers to try out the makeup look for various occasions, such as parties, work, or Valentine’s Day.


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