5 Secrets From Celebrity Makeup Artists

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Celebrity Makeup

Discover 5 exclusive life-changing secrets straight from the top celebrity makeup artists! Dive into this makeup masterclass to unlock insider tips, tricks, and techniques used by the stars.

Learn how to elevate your beauty game and transform your routine with expert advice. Don’t miss out on these coveted industry insights – redefine your beauty routine today!

  1. ilbury Tap Technique by Charlotte Tilbury:
    • Apply a thick moisturizer to the face.
    • Use the Tilbury tap massage technique: tap across cheekbones, forehead, chin, and nose.
    • Stimulates lymphatic drainage and boosts circulation for flawless makeup preparation.
  2. Skin Care Before Makeup by Katie Hughes:
    • Differentiate daytime skincare from nighttime routine.
    • Avoid a lengthy skincare routine before makeup to prevent a slimy texture.
    • Apply minimal under-eye cream to prevent makeup from moving and smudging.
  3. Foundation Application by Vincent Ford:
    • Warm up foundation in palms for a natural dewy look.
    • Press foundation on the skin from the center outward and upward.
    • Use concealer for extra coverage on specific areas rather than applying too much foundation.
  4. Blush Sandwich Technique by Scott Barnes (JLo’s makeup artist):
    • Apply foundation as the first step.
    • Apply a generous amount of liquid blush for a natural flush.
    • Seal the look with a final layer of foundation over the blush for a filtered effect.
  5. Substituting Highlighter with Face Oil by Alex Mayo:
    • Instead of a powdery highlighter, use face oil for a glow from within.
    • Apply a small amount of oil on the highest points of the face for a natural and radiant look.
    • Ideal for avoiding a cakey appearance, especially on textured skin.

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