How to Do Clean Girl Makeup, Tutorial

This video tutorial focuses on achieving a “clean girl” aesthetic for both makeup and hair. It emphasizes a minimal and low-maintenance appearance that anyone can adopt into their everyday routine.

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Hair Tutorial

Clean Girl Makeup Aesthetic

  • Describes the “bhey snatch TI bun” hairstyle as ideal for end-of-the-week greasy hair.
  • Lists tools required, including a comb, hairbrush, scrunchie, hair ties, mousse, water, and a hair slicker.
  • Introduces a water trick to slick down the hair before applying other products, reducing product buildup.
  • Demonstrates brushing back bumps and securing the hair with a scrunchie, followed by the application of mousse to control flyaways.
  • Utilizes a hair slicker and comb for additional smoothing before tying the hair tightly for a lifted appearance.
  • Adds a second hair tie, twisting the hair to create a stylish and clean finish.

Makeup Tutorial – Skin Prep

How to Do Clean Girl Makeup

  • Recommends specific products for achieving moisturized and glowy skin, including the Tara water cream and a lip maximizer serum.
  • Stresses the importance of embracing natural flaws and using minimal, natural products for the clean girl makeup look.

Makeup Application

Clean Girl Makeup Look

  • Advocates for using minimal coverage foundation to maintain a natural and dewy complexion.
  • Demonstrates the application of concealer under the eyes, on the forehead, jaw, and chin, focusing on creating a lifted appearance.
  • Uses cream and liquid products for blush, applying it to the eyelids and the tip of the nose for a cute look.
  • Advises letting the makeup sit on the face for 5 to 10 minutes before blending to enhance the final result.
  • Includes details on filling in eyebrows slightly, extending the tail for a lifted look, and brushing them up with brow gel.
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Final Touches and Conclusion

Clean Girl Makeup Tutorial

  • Sets the face with loose powder, concentrating under the eyes to lift the face further.
  • Uses powder for nose contouring and the outer corner of the eyes, creating a triangular blend.
  • Applies a stick highlighter with fingers for a seamless and glowing finish.
  • Adds blush over the powder and highlighter to blend everything together and give a rosy appearance.
  • Includes details on lip liner, lip treatment, and using a thick mascara for a bold lash look.
  • Utilizes a setting spray to achieve a glossy skin look.
  • Expresses gratitude for the support received from the audience, especially regarding a celiac disease video.
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Overall, the tutorial provides detailed steps for achieving a clean girl aesthetic in both hair and makeup, with an emphasis on simplicity and a natural appearance.


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