How to Make Small Lips Look Bigger (Makeup Tutorial)

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How to Make Small Lips Look Bigger Tutorial

Here is the secret to making your thin lips look plump and juicy. This tutorial is all about how to make your small lips look bigger, with a few simple makeup tricks.

If you want to fake some big lips without the surgery, find out how to apply lipstick with a little overline and gradient, topped with a lip gloss to give you that 3D wow factor.

Contouring isn’t just for your cheeks anymore, let’s give you that luscious lip confidence you’ve always wanted!

Exfoliation for Smooth Lips:

  • The video stresses the importance of exfoliating lips before lip contouring to ensure a smooth base.
  • Recommends various methods, including using a toothbrush on dry lips or creating a lip scrub with ingredients like sugar and coconut oil.

Lip Plumping with City Lips:

  • Endorses City Lips as a favorite lip plumper for enhancing lip size, with a mention of partnering with the brand.
  • Highlights the product’s effectiveness and mentions using it on clients, particularly older women, to achieve fuller lips before makeup application.

Creating Shadows for Illusion:

  • Explains the concept of creating shadows on the cupid’s bow and the center of the bottom lip to mimic the effect of naturally full lips.
  • Demonstrates the technique of applying shadow with makeup and blending to achieve a realistic illusion.

Lip Contouring Small Lips Tutorial

Lip Color Techniques:

  • Demonstrates three distinct lip color options: a brown 90s lip, a nude pink lip, and a natural glossy lip.
  • Emphasizes the importance of overdrawing the lips strategically, particularly at the cupid’s bow, while keeping the corners natural for symmetry.

Matte Plumping Lip Cream:

  • Introduces City Lips’ matte plumping lip creams as an alternative for those who prefer a matte look without the typical dryness associated with matte lipsticks.
  • Demonstrates how to use matte lipstick and spot highlight with gloss for a juicy, plumped aesthetic.
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Makeup For Small Lips Tutorial

Balancing Makeup Aesthetics:

  • Advises on correcting makeup imbalances, such as clashing lip and bronzy eye makeup, by adding coordinating blush to create a harmonious, monochromatic look.
  • Recommends small adjustments to achieve an overall balanced aesthetic in just a few minutes.

Three Finished Looks:

  • Showcases three completed lip contouring looks: a bold brown lip with a graduated color effect, a wearable nude pink lip with Mac Soar lip liner, and a natural glossy Bratz doll lip with emphasized cupid’s bow and center.
  • Encourages viewers to share their preferences and engages them by asking which look they liked the most.

How to Make Small Lips Look Bigger

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