Golden Glitter Eye Makeup Look Tutorial

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Golden Glitter Eye Makeup Look

Here we delve into the artistry of creating a dazzling golden glitter eye makeup look. The allure of warm and sparkly tones comes together in this step-by-step guide, perfect for capturing the festive spirit.

From priming the eyelids to the intricacies of blending eyeshadows and the application of glitter, this video breaks down each detail to help you achieve a radiant and glamorous look.

Golden Glitter Makeup Look

Get ready to make a statement with eyes that shine brighter than the holiday lights!

The video begins with the presenter introducing the content as a tutorial for a sparkly warm golden eye makeup look suitable for the holiday season.

The first step involves priming the eyelids to remove redness, enhance eyeshadow longevity, and provide a clean canvas. The presenter then sets the eyelids with powder.

The eyeshadow palette used in the tutorial is the sigma Beauty and anoke palette, specifically highlighting the use of the “nacho cheese” shade, described as a yellowy mustard color. This shade is applied to the crease and underneath the lower lash line.

Golden Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial

A liquid eyeshadow is introduced for application all over the eyelid, creating a sticky base for loose glitter. The presenter emphasizes the need for quick application of glitter on top of the liquid eyeshadow for optimal results.

The tutorial includes a demonstration of the application of gel eyeliner (sigma Beauty wicker gel eyeliner) to create a winged look. The presenter explains the process of starting with a line above the lash line and then extending it outward, following the direction of the outer part of the eyebrow.

To intensify the eyeliner and cover any visible glitter, the presenter applies a liquid eyeliner from Anastasia on top of the gel eyeliner. This combination is described as creating an extra black and long-lasting effect.

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A touch of black eyeshadow is used to connect the winged liner to the lower lash line, providing a seamless transition.


The presenter further softens the look by blending the black eyeshadow and introduces a brownish-copper pencil (possibly from Charlotte Tilbury) on the lower lash line.

The inner corner of the eye is highlighted using the palette’s “glaze” shade, described as a perfect in-between color that suits both warm and cool tones.

The final steps include curling the lashes, applying Benefit Cosmetics roller lash mascara (specifically mentioned as a personal favorite for both upper and lower lashes), and adding false lashes from Queen tarì, described as not too dramatic nor too neutral.



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