Cold Girl Makeup Look Tutorial

Cold Girl Makeup Look

This makeup look is about making your skin appear as if you’ve been exposed to wind chill. No cold temperatures are involved; you only need a few makeup products to achieve this look.

What is the cold girl makeup look?

Cold Girl Makeup Aesthetic

Think blushing cheeks, frosty pink lips, and a perfectly matte, blurred base. Cold girl is a medium between the clean girl and the cool girl aesthetics.

The makeup tutorial is centered around a theme called “COLD GIRL,” emphasizing a winter-inspired look.

Face Preparation

  • The makeup artist stresses the importance of priming the face to help makeup adhere evenly and last longer.
  • The tutorial starts with eyebrow shaping, using a brow gel that is likened to super glue for its strong hold.

Foundation and Blush

  • Given the summertime in Australia, the makeup artist deliberately chooses the lightest foundation to create the appearance of not having seen the sun in weeks.
  • The blush application involves using an orangey-red cream blush to achieve a flushed, cold-weather look, with a focus on the nose area.

Cold Girl Makeup Tutorial

Contouring and Highlighting

  • The makeup artist uses powder bronzer strategically, avoiding a sun-kissed appearance, and opts for a cool-tone pink blush called “winter kiss.”
  • The highlighting process includes layering various highlighters, with a particular emphasis on achieving an icy, iridescent glow for a frozen look.

Eye Makeup

  • The eye makeup features neutral tones, gradually getting darker with cool shades.
  • The artist applies shimmer and iridescent pigments, including purple and silver, to achieve a bright, glittery effect.
  • Mascara is applied liberally to both top and bottom lashes to create a spiky and dramatic look.
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Lip Routine

  • The makeup artist completes the look with a lip oil, giving the lips an icy gloss appearance.
  • The lips are described as a key element in achieving the overall “cold girl” aesthetic.



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