Makeup For 70 Year Old Women

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70 Year Old Woman Makeup

Aging gracefully and beautifully is an art, and makeup can be a powerful tool in enhancing the natural elegance of mature women.

For women in their 70s, makeup isn’t just about covering up; it’s about celebrating their unique beauty, boosting confidence, and expressing their personality.

Whether you’re looking to brighten up your complexion, define your features, or simply find joy in your daily routine, the right makeup techniques and products can make all the difference.

Here we explore essential makeup tips specifically tailored for women in their 70s, ensuring you look and feel your most radiant self every day.

Makeup Tips To Look Younger & Feel Beautiful Over 70!

This video shares five makeup tips and products to help others feel more beautiful and also take years off your face! The idea for the video came from a viewer in her 70s who requested makeup tips specifically for older women.

Foundation Matching

Always match foundation along the jawline or neck, not the wrist or hand.

  • Cream Eyeshadow Base: Use a cream eyeshadow base like MAC Paint Pot in “Groundwork” for dimension and as a primer.
  • Press and Blend Technique: For mature lids, use a gentle press and blend method to apply eyeshadow, rather than vigorous swirling motions.
  • Brow Enhancement: Enhance brows with products like the Big Boost Fiber Gel for definition and a more youthful appearance.

Concealer and Brightener

  • Use Brighteners: Instead of heavy concealers, use brightening products to lighten dark circles without settling into fine lines.
  • The makeup artist used a thinner brightener from MAC, resulting in a significant positive impact on her mother’s appearance.
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Eye Makeup For 70 Year Old Women

Foundation Application

  • The makeup artist used a combination of MAC Face and Body Foundation and MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, mixed and applied with a brush.
  • This combination provided a natural look suitable for mature skin.
  • No bronzing or contouring was done, aligning with her mother’s preference for a minimal makeup routine.

Additional Makeup Products

  • A MAC eyeshadow palette called “Unfiltered Nudes” was used, focusing on neutral browns for a subtle yet defined look.
  • The blush used was MAC’s “Melba,” chosen for its suitable formula for mature skin.
  • The lip combo included MAC’s Soar Lip Pencil and other lip products that complemented her mother’s complexion.

70 Year Old Makeup Ideas

Makeup For Mature Skin: An In-Depth Tutorial Made Simple!

If you’re struggling to do makeup on mature eyes, look no further than this next video. This natural makeup tutorial application will help beginners take the mystery out of how to work with this age demographic.

Introduction and Skin Prep

  • The tutorial features a transformation of 78-year-old Jan.
  • Skin prep is highlighted as the most crucial step for mature skin.
  • Partnered with City Beauty, using their Uplift Firming Serum for sagging skin, applied in upward motions including the neck.
  • Used Multi-Action Sculpting Cream for loose skin, fine lines, and wrinkles, also applied upwards.
  • Prepped the eyelid skin with a lid lifting treatment, which diffuses fine lines and wrinkles, serving as a primer.

Eye Makeup

  • Started with eyes to avoid fallout on the base makeup.
  • Used MAC Paint Pot in “Painterly” as a primer; alternatively, a concealer set with powder can be used.
  • Set the cream product with a finely milled ELF translucent powder to avoid creasing and ensure smooth shadow application.
  • Chose the Master Mattes Palette by Makeup by Mario for natural, contour, and highlight effects with matte shadows to avoid emphasizing loose skin.
  • Applied mid-tone brown in the crease while Jan looked straight, using different sizes of crease brushes for precision.
  • Created a wider eyelid effect by applying a skin tone color on the lids and blending it with a clean brush.
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Makeup For 70 Year Old Women

Eyeliner and Brows

  • Applied eyeliner by lifting the eye and lining between lashes for precision, softened with a dark brown shadow for a smoked-out look.
  • Cleaned under-eye fallout with a moisturizer-dipped cotton pad to prep for concealer.
  • Defined brows with a blonde pencil and set with brow shadow to intensify and ensure longevity.

Base Makeup

  • Aimed for a light, breathable finish with a tinted moisturizer, followed by targeted spot correction using MAC peachy color corrector and
  • L’Oreal Age Perfect Foundation, blended with a damp beauty blender.
  • Used concealer sparingly under the eyes to avoid creasing, set lightly with ELF translucent powder.

Blush, Lips, and Finishing Touches

  • Lined lips to prevent feathering and applied City Lips Plumping Gloss in pink nude.
  • Added a peachy cream blush for a fresh, luminous look and warmed the skin with matte bronzer.
  • Ensured the skin looked warm and healthy, adding more bronzer or blush as needed.
  • Finished with City Beauty Mascara to enhance natural lashes without using falsies, maintaining a minimalistic and natural look that highlights the person’s beauty rather than the makeup itself.
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