Hooded Eye Makeup Tutorial Step by Step

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Hooded Eye Makeup

Achieving the perfect winged eyeliner look can be a daunting task, especially for those with hooded eyes. Hooded eyes, characterized by excess skin that partially or fully covers the eyelid crease, present unique challenges when it comes to makeup application.

However, fear not! This video tutorial is dedicated to mastering winged eyeliner specifically tailored for hooded eyes. From understanding the anatomy of hooded eyes to learning step-by-step techniques and product recommendations, this video aims to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to create flawless winged eyeliner looks that enhance your eye shape and elevate your makeup game.

Whether you’re a makeup novice or a seasoned beauty enthusiast, unlock the secrets of achieving stunning winged eyeliner looks tailored to hooded eyes.

Introduction to Hooded Eye Makeup: The video begins with an introduction to the topic of hooded eye makeup, specifically focusing on how to apply winged eyeliner for hooded eyes. The speaker explains the challenge of working with hooded eyes, where excess skin covers most of the eyelid, making traditional eyeliner techniques less effective.

Description of Hooded Eyes: The speaker provides a detailed description of hooded eyes, highlighting the characteristic feature of having a flap of skin covering the eyelid, thus obscuring the natural crease. This description helps viewers identify if they have hooded eyes and understand the challenges associated with applying eyeliner.

Hooded Eye Makeup Inspiration

Demonstration of Eyeliner Techniques: The video demonstrates two different eyeliner techniques tailored for hooded eyes. The first technique involves starting from the top and going down, while the second technique involves lining the entire eyelid and drawing upwards. Each technique is explained step by step, with emphasis on adapting the technique to suit the individual’s eye shape.

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Hooded Eye Makeup Looks

Product Usage and Application: Throughout the video, the speaker uses specific makeup products, such as Huda Beauty eyeliner and KVD Tattoo Liner, and demonstrates their application techniques. Viewers get insights into product selection and application methods suitable for hooded eyes.

Hooded Eye Makeup Tutorial Step by Step

Comparison of Techniques: After demonstrating both techniques, the speaker compares their effectiveness. They discuss the pros and cons of each method, highlighting differences in intensity, ease of application, and suitability for different occasions. The comparison helps viewers decide which technique may work best for their preferences and needs.

Source: www.youtube.com/@Milabuco


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