Lady Gaga Makeup Look Tutorial

Get ready with Lady Gaga as she shares some of her favorite makeup hacks, her approach to beauty and puts on a full face of HAUS LABS makeup.

  • Concealer Application: Lady Gaga starts the makeup routine by applying the triclone skin tech concealer in shade 11 light neutral. She strategically uses the concealer under her eyes and on areas with redness. The concealer contains biotech caffeine and fermented arnica, which helps de-puff under the eyes and reduce redness.
  • Foundation Application: Following the concealer, Lady Gaga uses the triclin skin tech foundation in shade 110. She emphasizes the seamless blending with the concealer, showcasing the medium coverage that is buildable for a customizable finish.
  • Body Foundation: Lady Gaga extends the foundation application to her body to even out her face with her chest. She uses her hands to apply the foundation, highlighting its skincare ingredients that make it easy to use and set like a regular foundation.
  • Bronzer for Warmth and Contouring: The power sculpt velvet bronzer in shade light level four is used to add warmth and contour to Lady Gaga’s face. She describes the bronzer as velvety, smooth, and easy to blend, applying it to areas like the jawline and underneath the chin.
  • Blush Hack: Lady Gaga demonstrates a unique blush application by creating a mixture using high-power pigment paint in shade Blush matte and a white foundation (shade 000 Fair neutral). She applies the concoction to the apples of her cheeks, creating a creamy and glowy effect.
  • Highlighter Application: For highlighting, Lady Gaga uses the bio radiant gel highlighter in Peach quartz and Rose quartz. She applies the highlighter with her fingers on the cheekbones, brow bone, nose, Cupid’s bow, collarbone, and neck.
  • Eye Makeup: Lady Gaga uses high-power pigment paint in beige matte as an eye primer, followed by bronzer to carve out the crease. She incorporates additional pigment paints in cocoa matte and rose gold shimmer, creating depth and shine. The eyes are defined with the optic intensity Eco liner in deep cocoa matte, and mascara is applied off-camera.
  • Lip Makeup: Lady Gaga uses the eyeliner shade deep cocoa matte as a lip liner, appreciating its creamy texture. She completes the lip look with the Atomic Shake lip lacquer in sepia, a fall-appropriate color with zero transfer.
  • Setting Powder: To finish the look, Lady Gaga uses setting powder, praising its effectiveness and providing a polished finish to the makeup.
  • Final Message: Lady Gaga expresses gratitude to influencers and viewers for supporting her, acknowledging the effort of influencers who share their makeup routines regularly. She concludes the video with a cheers to beauty while testing the durability of the Atomic Chic lip lacquer on a glass.
  • Acknowledgment: Lady Gaga recognizes the efforts of influencers and expresses gratitude for their support throughout the makeup application. She acknowledges the hard work of influencers who consistently share their makeup routines on various platforms.
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