How to Wear a Fedora Hat (How to Measure For a Fedora Hat)

How to Style Fedora Hat

Fedoras! Let’s have a discussion about them!

For me, the previous year was the year of the fedora. I’ve sunk so far into that world that I can’t get out.

Fedoras are one of my favorite hats.

It’s not for everyone, but I believe that incorporating it into your wardrobe appropriately gives a little of spice to your look.

So, in this article, I’ll discuss the many styles, where to find one, how and when to wear a fedora, and what the objective of wearing a fedora is. What’s more, what’s your head size, and how can you properly size it so that the fedora fits you perfectly?

Let’s get started without further ado.

Different Types of Fedora Hats


If you tell your friends you’re getting a fedora, the following image will most likely come to mind:


The legendary Indiana Jones is seen wearing what is popularly known as the Indiana Jones hat, which is actually a safari hat with a lofty crown and soft brim.



The trilby is the next popular style.

In current day and age, the trilby is the most frequent and fashionable style. If you encounter someone wearing a fedora outside the house, they’re most likely wearing a trilby.

It’s easy to spot because of the relatively narrow brim. In most cases, it’s between an inch and a half and two inches. The top of the four-inch crown is shaped like a teardrop.

Pork Pie


The pork pie is the third type. In the sense that the brim is very short, it’s akin to a trilby. The top of the crown is the distinguishing feature of the pork pie. It has a considerably more rounded form than a teardrop shape.

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The straw fedora or panama hat is the fourth style.

It’s constructed of straw, as you might have guessed from the name, which makes it extremely durable and breathable. When it’s hot outside, this is the best time to wear it. If you go to the beach, you’ll see that many people are wearing straw fedoras.



The classic fedora is the fifth variety, and it normally has a significantly larger brim, which can be firm or soft depending on your preference, and a four-inch crown.

A band would normally be seen around the base of the crown of all of the hats I just named.

How to Wear Fedora

How to Wear Fedora Hat

You can wear it the way it’s supposed to be worn, or you can tilt it to the side just a tiny to give it that trendy look.

Another feature I like about fedoras is that they can be customized. You can embellish it with pins, stickers, feathers, or wrap a handkerchief around the base of the crown to fully personalize the fedora.

Another option to wear your hat, especially if it has a snap brim, is to snap the front down, which gives you that awesome old-school vibe. However, I prefer my brim to be snapped up. It’s all up to you; it’s your preference.

When Should You Wear a Fedora?

The weather determines a large portion of the when.

For obvious reasons, I wouldn’t recommend wearing a wool fedora in the summer, and I wouldn’t recommend wearing a straw fedora in the winter.

You must be aware of your surroundings at all times.

However, in terms of circumstances. Wear it whenever you wish. It’s a wonderful addition to your overall look, but it’s not necessary to complete it. You can look great without a fedora if you wear an entire ensemble. You can also appear respectable by wearing an ensemble with a fedora.

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It’s a great to have rather than a necessity, like a watch. Many people believe that fedoras should only be worn with a suit or other type of jacket, however you can wear it whenever you like. A fedora looks good with any outfit, even if it’s only a white t-shirt.

Why Wear Fedora?

It does have a purpose, which is to protect and comfort you in the current weather. A fedora is similar to a conventional baseball hat.

A baseball hat has a brim that only goes one way, while a fedora classic has a brim that extends all the way around your head, providing 360-degree protection from the sun’s heat. The crown also serves to protect and comfort your head.

Consider the case of a daring individual. He doesn’t like that cold breeze on his courageous head during this time of year when it’s particularly cold. Fedoras made of wool felt provide more protection and insulation than beanie-style hats.

A straw fedora is breathable in the summer because it allows air to pass through while simultaneously cooling the head. Its purpose is to provide ventilation.

Where Can You Buy These Fedoras?

Begin on a small scale. Check to see if these hats are available at a local mom and pop shop. You are welcome to enter, touch this, and feel how it feels. You can look at a variety of styles.

You may be a traditional fedora wearer or a pork pie wearer. It’s great to walk into a place like that and look around to see what you like. Have someone in that store size your head so you know exactly what size you are.

If you don’t have that choice, you can acquire hats from other outstanding manufacturers on the internet. There are numerous brands to choose from. You’ll travel down a pretty deep rabbit hole once you start looking for fedoras, and your wallet may come after you. So be cautious.

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How to Measure For a Fedora Hat

How to Measure For a Fedora Hat

We went over the different styles, when to wear them, how to wear them, and where to buy them, but first and foremost, you needed to know your size.

It’s crucial to know your size before heading to a store, whether you’re planning to buy it online or in person.

How do you determine the size of your head?

All you’ll need is a measuring tape, and you’ll want to get a good idea of where the fedora will sit on your head.

It sits just above my brows for me. I take the measuring tape and go all the way around the head. I don’t want it to be too tight. I’d want to keep things a little loose.

That’s how you’ll fit if a fedora is right for you. I’d recommend going up a size if you’re in between sizes. To be on the safe side, wear a fedora that is slightly too big for you.

different types of fedora hats


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