How to Dress Well After 40, Man

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How to Dress Well After 40, Man

Like many of us, I’d like to think that as you get older, your style becomes better.

You exercise, monitor what you eat, and you age gracefully. Maybe as your hair starts to gray, your style will improve on its own, right?

Totally incorrect

It is not magic, I can assure you from experience as someone in his 40s. Better style requires some effort to master.

Age is not a topic I expressly touch in my writings, despite the fact that I’m over 40. However, I’m interested in talking more about it and assisting you guys who are over 40, in your 50s or 60s, create a better style as you age.

I’m going to discuss some advice about dressing nicely as you age.

Don’t Dress Like You’re Still in College

First tip is not really a piece of tip. It’s more about highlighting a mistake that I notice many men doing that, if corrected, might have a profound immediate effect.

And that is that you are no longer a college student. Do not dress like you are. Guys in their 30s, 40s, and 50s are often seen dressing as though they are still in college.

What do I mean by that?

The college look, at least in my day, consisted of too-long or too-wide jeans or khakis that would catch under your shoe’s heel and fray.

Even if you’re in college, it doesn’t look good.

When you’re older, invest in a pair of pants that are the appropriate length, and if you need them tailored, take them to the tailor.

What else am I talking up right now?

Dress shirts that aren’t tucked in, sandals or flip-flops for everyday wear. The majority of the time, a college t-shirt, sweatshirt, or hat.

It’s okay if you do it on the weekend. If you’re at home, just casual.

In essence, what this amounts to is dressing as you did when you were younger in an effort to look younger. Possibly attempting to relive those heydays.  Or you just haven’t evolved, whichever one it is.

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That happened 15, 20, or 25 years ago. It’s time for your style to grow because you have.

How do you do it, then?

Not everyone needs to wear a suit every day, so I’m not suggesting you have to go out and buy one and wear it constantly.

However, I do believe you should have at least one quality suit in navy or gray for formal occasions.

You should unquestionably own a sport coat as well, in my opinion. There are undoubtedly a few beautiful dress shirts, cotton and wool pants.

Let’s go to the following thing on the list.

Dress Your Body

As we become older, our bodies change. Wearing tighter clothing won’t make you look younger if you’ve put weight; it will only make you look fatter.

As a result, you must dress your physique properly.

Wearing clothing that fits you is what it means. It helps to have a good tailor in this situation.

Your imperfections will be concealed by a good tailor, made-to-measure, or bespoke suit provider.

If you don’t enjoy having flaws, start working out or eat better diet. Put the time and effort on you. You must invest time and effort into improving your wardrobe as well.

Your body type will ultimately determine the best fit for your age.

Slim people can get away with having a more tapered leg and perhaps even only a small break. A broader cut will look better on you if you’re not.

Even if you admired the model’s appearance in the magazine, most of us don’t have bodies like that, thus we must make our behavior accordingly.

Personal Grooming

The following item has nothing to do with clothing. It has to do with personal grooming, so make sure you pay attention to it.

It’s one of the things you can control and can really make a lot, especially if it makes you look younger.

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Make sure your barber trims your eyebrows when you visit him. You look younger right away, like magic. Pay close attention to the hair in your ear and nose. You don’t want to be that obnoxious old man with hair poking out of his ears and nose. Hair starts to grow out of those places.

Therefore, purchase a pair of small scissors and a grooming tool, take care of it, make it a part of your routine, and maintain it.

Avoid Streetwear

Avoid wearing street wear or anything with obvious branding is next tip. There are a select few older guys that can pull this look off.

However, it’s best for the rest of us mortals to leave the fashion to the younger guys. If you don’t want to look like Ali G, that is.


Shoes, particularly sneakers, are the next topic to be discussed.

You don’t have to dress in a suit and dress shoes all the time just because you’re older.

Sneakers are undoubtedly acceptable, but only the correct type sneakers.

Basically, the most important thing is to refrain from wearing sports shoes while trying to dress elegantly.

So, this is a good illustration of what I would call a mature casual look.

	dressing well at 40

A button-down shirt, a vintage Levi’s sweatshirt, a suede jacket, a pair of chinos, and sneakers make up another all-basic look.

The sneakers aren’t athletic shoes, though, so keep that in mind. There is no logo, they are simple, and they are clean. They are sneakers that you could wear in your 40s or perhaps 50s, in my opinion.

Common Projects made these specific shoes. I’m not saying you need to invest in a pair of Common Projects. There are many excellent solutions available, including M.Gemi, GREATS, and others.

Find a minimal pair of sneakers that fits your budget and pull the trigger.

Casual Wear

Regarding casual attire, I will remark that it can be a little challenging to dress casually as an adult. When worn by essentially everyone of all ages, especially younger guys, how do you take casual essentials like tee shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, and so on, and make them age-appropriate?

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As much as I’d like to tell you there’s a straightforward formula you can use, that’s simply not the case.

There are a lot of examples of older guys who do casual quite well.

Alessandro Squarzi, a man in his 50s, comes to mind.

Alessandro Squarzi

You can’t tell me he doesn’t look great with his signature jeans, military jackets, and waistcoats.

They look great in suits, but these guys also know how to look great in a leather bomber jacket and white sneakers.

I’ll just add that it’s critical to focus on the fit and the nuances in every situation.

One additional piece of tip is to invest money on a good casual jacket. A basic leather bomber is an easy choice. For something more sophisticated, consider corduroy, suede, or wool.

When it comes to outerwear, considering fabrics and textures is a smart adult style move.

As I previously stated, there are no hard and fast rules in this style. Instead, use these guidelines as a starting point while keeping your instincts and some common sense in mind.

how to dress well at 40 man


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