4 Different Types of Belts Men Need

Different Types of Belts Men

Let’s talk belts, particularly dress and casual belts.

Each man needs four different belt types in his wardrobe. Four, that’s right.

Although it seems like a lot, it isn’t. I frequently discuss how a belt is not necessary to keep your pants up.

Why then do you require a belt?

Consider how frequently you move around and sit or stand throughout the day.

A belt will assist in ensuring that your pants are worn properly on your hips.

Your clothing will look more polished with a belt. Say for example that you are wearing a sport coat, a dress shirt, a pair of dark-washed pants, and some Oxford dress shoes.

A belt is a must to help you separate between your top and bottom halves, and it also gives your outfit a sleek finishing touch.

If you ask me, it appears so odd to wear those types of clothing without a belt.

Type of Buckle

What kind of buckle should you wear?

It’s straightforward: all you need is a silver buckle with a square frame and one prong.

It’s the one you typically find in stores, while a slightly more rounded variant of this buckle is unquestionably suitable for casual attire.

Would you like to wear a buckle outside of this? There are three exceptions, though: if you’re a douchebag, a cowboy, or a sheriff. Then you can chose whatever you want.

Types of Belts

Every man needs two dress belts and two casual belts in his closet, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article.

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You require a dark brown and black leather belt with a straightforward, thin silver buckle for your dress belts.

Keep the width as close to 1 1/2″ as you can. Anything wider will look too bulky and be seen as being a little more casual.

Any thinner than that, and you’ll look to be wearing a woman’s belt.

It’s the same for your casual belts as it is for your dress belts. Simply two colors—black and brown—each with a silver buckle will do.

You can, but shouldn’t, make your buckles somewhat thicker than the dress belt. Maintain a width between 1 3/4″ and 2″.

Anything wider than that, and we’re starting to enter the WWE universe.

You can choose between cloth and leather for the material, but I strongly advise choosing leather because it will look nicer and go with all of your casual outfits.

Here is a little advice. A lot of males seem to be making this error. Avoid purchasing a belt that is very shiny, such as a dress belt. Something with a more matte look is what you desire.

How to Wear Belts

Here are some of the best ways to wear your belts, whether they are for a formal occasion or for a casual occasion.

I have a gray sweater and a white button-down shirt for the first outfit. Along with the Levi’s jeans and black Oxford dress shoes. There is also a black leather dress belt.

We have a casual belt outfit in outfit number two. I’m wearing a light brown jacket, an indigo Henley, a dark brown casual belt, Levi’s jeans, and white Converse sneakers.

These are some examples of how to wear your dress and casual belts in various ways.

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A man just needs four different types of belts in his closet, as I previously stated. Anything beyond that is essentially unnecessary.

Pro tip

I got a pro tip for you. Every day at work, I deal with a ton of belts, and I have to admit that a premium leather belt is unmatched.

I do offer certain solutions that are more affordable, but I don’t think you should cut corners here.

A leather belt of superior quality will last you for many years. I mean, decades.

Therefore, only buy it once, and you won’t need to do it again.

More About Belt Sizes

I want to talk how your belt should fit and what size belt you ought to buy.

When it comes to the width of a dress belt, you want it to be approximately one and a half inches wide or as close to that measurement as you can go.

If it is less than one and a half inches wide, then it will have the appearance of a dress belt for women. Any wider than one and a half inches would look quite imposing and excessive, and it will start to resemble a casual belt, which is the exact opposite of what you want.

It should be between one and three quarters and two inches wide for a casual belt. It has the proper proportions visually for the rest of the outfit.

Any thinner and it starts to look strange. Any wider than that, and it starts to look way too big and oddly cuts off your body.

What is the proper belt length for you? It’s quite simple. You ought to be aware of your waist size in terms of pants size. For your dress belt or your casual belt, order one size larger.

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Therefore, you need a 34-inch belt if your waist is 32 inches. This enables the proper amount of belt excess to be visible.

Anything longer, especially if it extends over your waist, is simply too long.  Also, anything shorter.  If you continue to wear a belt that is the same size as your waist, for example one that is 32 inches long, there will be a very small amount of belt exposed, and this is not an attractive look.

Types of Belts


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