How to Dress in Your 20s (Male)

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How to Dress in Your 20s (Male)

When it comes to style, you should be experimenting, making mistakes, and learning to formulate your own opinion when it comes to your own unique appearance as a young man.

In this article, 12 style tips for men in their 20s.


First and foremost, get out there and experiment. You can only decide if you like something after giving it a try.

You can’t simply decide you don’t like a certain style.

You should be actively trying when you are this age.

Are you going on wearing street wear? Are you going to wear classic menswear? It’s up to you, but try different things till you find what suits you.

Make Mistakes

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes is my next piece of advice. When you venture outside your comfort zone and try something new, mistakes always occur.

Making mistakes in life is a sign that you are trying new things and putting yourself out there enough.

Every time you are learning, developing, or stretching yourself, you make mistakes.

Formulate Your Opinion

Let’s now discuss developing your own opinion. It’s challenging, especially if you go against the norm.

When you’re in the majority and in agreement, it’s simple, but what if you disagree? Will you have the bravery to take a different path?


The power of color is the next thing you should learn to use.

A bit of color in the pocket square distinguishes the outfit from the vast majority of suits that do not feature pocket squares.

Red has the power to increase a man’s credibility. Since green is such a natural color, you are more likely to trust a man when you see him wearing it.

Additionally, blue can make you appear more trustworthy. It can also make an older man appear younger.

If you already have a youthful appearance, you might want to avoid charcoal gray because it will make you appear older. Black will make you look slimmer.

When you understand the power of color, you can take use of it.


We will then learn how to K.I.S.S. I’m not talking about with your lips.

I’m talking to keep it simple, stupid!

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We enjoy making things too complicated. When it comes to beautiful classic style, you don’t need to bring outrageous clothing in wild outfits or intricate patterns.


Concentrate on the three pillars of style: fabric, fit, and function.

The first point is fit. Make sure whatever you put on your body fits properly before wearing it. You won’t wear it if it doesn’t fit your body.

Understand the proper fit for your dress shirt. Understand how everything you wear should fit, including your jacket and pants. Even your jeans should be adjusted if they don’t fit you properly.

The clothing function is up next. Is the message your clothing conveys what you want it to?

The clothing you wear while working for a construction company will differ depending on whether you’re an engineer or a lawyer.

The lawyer will likely dress a little fancier, but the engineer who is going into the field will wear formal attire.

If you’re a consultant working for a firm in a small town or New York, your outfits will differ slightly from those of consultants working in larger cities where suits are the norm.

However, even in a small town, you should dress appropriately so that when people see you, they feel confident and trusted.

The third level of the style pyramid is fabric, so let’s talk about it. You want to buy the highest-quality clothing you can afford.

You have a very tight budget when you’re just starting out and have just graduated from college. In such situation, you’re going to compromise and purchase a suit that is a blend. You’re going to buy shoes that are glued, that are going to be in the $50 to $100 range.

However, as you start to receive your first, second, and third paychecks, you start to put money aside as a result of realizing that you need to start investing in quality pieces.

Quality Shoes

You’re going to go out and purchase your first pair of high-quality shoes. I’m not talking about Jordans, which are fantastic shoes; rather, I’m talking to formal shoes.

These are going to be your foundational footwear. You’ll be able to use these as a foundation when it comes to your professional wardrobe and your business casual wardrobe.

Here are two excellent choices.

You can choose a straightforward, closed-lace black Balmoral Oxford. This is a reliable option, especially if you frequently wear dark suits.

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However, if the setting is more relaxed, you should go for a pair of brown Bluchers. These will feature an open lacing design.

Dark brown Bluchers will be a tad more casual than the black Balmoral Oxford.

It actually depends on what you need for work. It’s likely that the item you want to purchase initially is the one you’ll wear most frequently.


A well-fitting suit should be present in the closet of any man in his twenties.

Take this to a tailor and get it adjusted to fit your body. Don’t choose any of those wild, outrageous fits; make sure the suits fit.

You want this to be a traditional-styled suit rather than a fashion suit. If you’re able to obtain one that fits you, you’ll be able to use it for the following five years and possibly longer if you choose a classic style.

Let’s discuss the color while we’re talking about classic fashions. You should use navy blue and charcoal gray.

Spend a little bit extra money here, if that is what you can manage. Get something that makes good on you every time you put it and has nice fabric that drapes.

You now possess both the suit and the shoes. Let’s now discuss accessories.

High Quality Accessories

At this point, a man should invest in his first high-quality accessory, which will last him at least another ten years and possibly longer.

You buy your first really fine leather briefcase, start collecting watches, or get a pair of sunglasses, and you instantly feel better when you put them.

The point behind these last three is that when you put together an outfit, you feel like a million dollars.

Price Does Not Equal Quality

The following advice is more in the form of cautions and things to avoid.

First off, just because something is pricey or expensive does not necessarily indicate that it is of great quality.

In connection with that, just because something has a nice logo doesn’t imply it automatically makes you fashionable.

Fashion vs Classic Style

The distinction between fashion and classic style is the next thing you should understand. The fashion industry will become more flimsy and trend-driven. There is no issue with this.

If doing this is really what you want to do, go for it, but be aware that you’ll need to keep up with it.

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On the other side, classic style will consist of clothing items with timeless silhouettes, designs, and looks.

A well-made, well-fitting suit in a timeless design will last you ten years.

It won’t win any awards for creativity, but when it fits your body, you’ll get praises, you’ll look great, and you won’t have to worry about it going out of style, that’s when it’ll win an award.

Explore Thrift Stores

Go thrift store shopping as another tip for men in their 20s. Not only will you be able to save money, but you’ll also be able to defy the latest fashion trends.

Any menswear store you visit will offer clothing that was delivered to them, regardless of the type of store you visit. They are constrained by time-specific trends.

However, if you visit a thrift store or consignment shop, you’ll likely find clothing that was fashionable 10, 20, and occasionally even 40 years ago.

You can discover items that are unique to this store and that you like the look of. You incorporate it into your wardrobe and develop your own distinctive look.

Interchangeable Wardrobe

Let’s discuss the power of an interchangeable wardrobe.

If you can get the hang of this in your 20s, you’ll be able to create a wardrobe that is made up of items that will go well together, which will save you a lot of time, money, and frustration.

You acquire more outfits, own fewer pieces of clothing, and spare yourself the frustration of being unable to put things together.

You can look more incisive without making any effort.



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