20 Things Men Should Never Wear

Things Men Should Never Wear

I want to discuss the 20 things that men should never wear in this article.

When you dress up, I’m sure you’re aiming to make a good impression on your wife or girlfriend, among other people.

I compiled a list of things that men should never wear. Since they are all horrible, they are all pretty much at the top of my list, even if they are not listed in any particular order.

Gaudy Rings

Never wear gaudy rings or any form of pinky rings. I notice it most often in publications; almost everyone wears pinky rings. Please refrain from doing that since it is so obscene and tacky. Avoid wearing bulky, gaudy rings. That is unnecessary.

Overuse of Cologne

Too much cologne is the second thing you should never wear. I don’t want to be six feet away from you and be able to smell you. You’re almost repelling people; I don’t even want to approach you.

If you wear cologne, be sure to only spray a small amount onto your fingertip and dab it on the inside of your wrist. Apply some cologne to the same fingertip and dab it on both sides of your neck. That is all you require, nothing more.

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Sandals And Socks

The third issue is that socks are inappropriate to wear with sandals. I don’t even think I need to explain this. You should never wear socks with sandals.

No Sandals

This brings us to our fourth rule, which is that you should never wear sandals unless you’re at the beach or going for a swim. Only in that situation is it appropriate. Toes are something that women do not want to see on males. You shouldn’t show anyone your toes.

Long Shorts

The fifth thing of clothing you should avoid wearing is past-the-knee shorts. Simply said, it looks far too childish. Wear appropriate shorts that don’t extend past your knees and end at the proper length, which is often mid- to lower-thigh.

Old Dirty Shoes

The next thing you should avoid wearing is an old pair of worn-out, dirty shoes. Your shoes are the first thing that women notice, so keep them clean. Get rid of them when they’ve outlived their usefulness.

Cartoon Printed Boxers

The seventh item you should avoid wearing is a pair of boxers with cartoon graphics. It’s as if you still wish you were a boy. Get some boxer briefs in solid hues, such as black, navy, or charcoal.

T-shirts Featuring Brand Logos

T-shirts covered in a ton of logos are the eighth thing you should avoid wearing.

Therefore, I don’t want to see any t-shirts advertising Budweiser, Harley Davidson, or any sports team outside of a sporting event. That is not what women want to see. They expect you to be wearing a clean, solid-colored t-shirt.

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Poorly Fitted, Baggy Clothing

The second thing you should avoid wearing should probably go without saying, but all women are adamant about it. You shouldn’t be dressed in sloppy, baggy clothes.

Tank Tops

Tank tops are the tenth thing you should avoid wearing. It’s just disgusting. Sometimes they wear tank tops with their nipples showing, and other times they have armpit hair showing. Don’t do that; no woman wants to see that.

Skinny Jeans

The next thing you should avoid wearing is a pair of skinny jeans. Choose a stylish pair of slim-fitting jeans. Leave the young skater lads out there to wear those skinny jeans.

Pointy & Square Shoes

Pointy shoes are the twelfth thing you should not be wearing. It’s incredible that pointy shoes are still in use. Square-toed shoes are likewise awful. Don’t do that, please. Burn each and every one of them. It is very ugly and dated. Don’t be that person.

Deep V-neck T-shirts

Deep v-neck t-shirts are the next thing that you ought to avoid wearing. That much chest is being shown.

Belt Buckles

Big, square, or monogrammed belt buckles are the fourteenth thing you should never wear. It immediately raises a douchebag alarm.

Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets are the next thing you should never wear. I feel like a guy wearing a leather bracelet is trying too hard to be this bad boy. It doesn’t seem like that. On the contrary, it appears like you are making an excessive effort. Choose a good watch instead.

Elongated Shirts

Elongated shirts on their own are the sixteenth thing you shouldn’t be wearing. Perhaps as a layering piece, though even that would be pushing it. Simply purchase some correctly fitting shirts in its place.

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Crocs are the seventeenth thing you should not be wearing. Is there any more I should explain?

Earrings & Facial Rings

Earrings and facial piercings are the 18th thing that guys should never wear.

I’ve certainly seen really hot guys with facial piercing and earrings, but that’s not the case for most guys. Earrings and facial piercings significantly reduce your beauty. It doesn’t appeal to women. Just because you have that earring or pierced nose doesn’t make you appear hot.

Short-sleeve Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts with short sleeves are the next thing you should avoid wearing. Kanye West has rocked this a lot. I’m beginning to notice a lot of guys wearing it now. It seems terrible. Avoid any kind of cutoff sweatshirt scenario.

Dress Shoes With Sneaker Soles

The last and most important point is to never wear dress shoes with sneaker soles. Why not just wear a dress shoe or a pair of sneakers? Why mix the two?

Clothing Items Men Should Never Wear

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