How to Wear a Sweater Vest (Men)

How to Wear a Sweater Vest (Men)

Here I’m going to be talking about the sweater vest, why and how to wear it.

Why Wear a Sweater Vest?

I’m going to break this down into two different reasons. Function comes in front, followed by style.

Let’s begin with the sweater vest’s primary function first.


The fact that it keeps you warm is the primary benefit of wearing one. It adds a layer of warmth. Mine is made entirely of wool.

Wool has the great ability to keep you warm, unlike a cotton dress shirt, which doesn’t do as well.

So even though I’m wearing a very thin layer, I can still be warm and still look pretty sleek and slim. I don’t have to throw on a bulky overcoat, yet I can look sharp.

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Actually, if it’s very chilly, I can throw on an overcoat with a sweater layered below, and all of this will just keep me warm.

The second advantage is that it conveys a sense of formality. Comparable to a suit consisting of three pieces.

The double-breasted suit and the more closed-up look inspired the creation of the three-piece suit as a response to these trends.

When wearing a sweater vest, the V appears to be narrower, giving it a more closed-up look. And that formal appearance is more closed-up. Simply putting it into practice like that brings it to an entirely new level.

People wearing a dress shirt, jacket, and trousers are commonplace. But if I were to take off my jacket and there was a sweater vest, all of a sudden, it gave a bit more of a formal look. It has a more monochromatic look.

Your eyes are moving up and down, which will make me appear taller and more slender.

Because it enables the eyes to move up and down, it is comparable to an optical illusion. They don’t get stuck anywhere.

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Because if you wear a white shirt with a dark pair of pants, where are people going to focus their attention on you? There, in the middle, where the trousers meet the white shirt, where there are so much contrasts.

Again, you get rid of contrast. You create a slimmer, more manly look by allowing the eyes to move up and down.

I can also have a more formal look and have more freedom of movement if I’m not wearing a jacket. I still look pretty buttoned up even if I take the jacket off.

That’s when it comes to function.


The great thing about style is that you can bring texture. And a lot of guys never give texture any thought.

I’m introducing a really soft feel by adding a sweater vest if you’re wearing a very slim jacket or a suit made of worsted wool.

Color is another.

Instead of going for a monochromatic look, bring a shirt with multiple colors or even one with a pattern for an ensemble that has a really distinct feeling of color and contrast.

Although you don’t want to go overboard, you can choose an item that slightly draws attention to that area.

As a result, that color also adds a really distinctive style element.

All of this contributes to making you stand out in terms of style and conveying a somewhat stronger message.

Most men never even consider wearing a vest of any kind. Try wearing it underneath your jacket if you don’t think you can pull off wearing a vest by itself. To avoid overheating, use an extremely lightweight option. It’s going to look great.

You could pair this with a tie, and it would probably look extremely beautiful.

How to Wear a Sweater Vest

When purchasing a sweater vest, the first thing you must consider is whether or not it will fit you nicely.

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Try on as many as you can while you’re outside. Understand that many manufacturers make various styles.

Because they are designed to fit as many different body shapes as possible, the less costly sweater vests typically fit rather loosely.

The more expensive ones will be shaped more to fit the physique of an athletic man. You might want to lean toward that if you are physically fit, have a typical physique, or are in good shape.

If you have a very large, bulky frame, you should consider many different styles before settling on one.

Make sure that everything matches each other and that the clothing you wear with it fits properly, too.

Monochromatic is one of the looks you can choose from when it comes to look. When you do that, you choose one color, and every shade or variant of that color.

You can wear a blue shirt, a blue sweater vest, and a blue sports jacket. all in different shades.

The only color that can catch your attention is a different-colored pocket square, such a red one. It truly makes it stand out.

A tie can be used to enhance this look. A dark green necktie, for instance, would look great with blue. You can also choose a lighter hue, like lavender.

You might also choose something with a distinctive pattern and a striking color.

Let’s discuss how to button and when to unbutton your sweater vest when talking how to wear the sweater vest.

There is no requirement to use the top button. You can achieve a more buttoned-up appearance by buttoning up the top button.

Always leave the bottom unbuttoned, just like with suits. Depending on how long it is and how well it fits you, you can even unbutton the bottom two.

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However, I usually leave the top one undone and the bottom one undone. When it comes to jackets, the same guidelines apply.

I’ve discussed the monochromatic look, but you can also choose a contrasted look.

When you wear a sweater vest that has a lot of color and is extremely different from the other clothing you are wearing, you will achieve a look with stronger contrast.

If I were to pair that blue shirt with a red or burgundy, I’d actually look pretty put together. However, I would probably still choose a subdued tie and emphasize the pocket square a little bit more.

The important thing is that with that sweater vest, I’m introducing a color. I would want to absolutely tone down my accessories if I had a sweater vest with a check pattern that was genuinely visible and really stood out.

You should be aware of it because a well-dressed man will only have one, possibly two, items that draw attention to themselves.

If he owns two objects, one of them should be hidden until he wishes to display it.

Enjoy wearing the sweater vest. It’s a great wardrobe addition. At the very least, it ought to be a staple of the wardrobe.

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