How to Look More Attractive As a Guy With Fashion

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How to Look More Attractive As a Guy

Can clothes make you more attractive? In this article I’m going to talk about how to look more attractive as a guy with the help of fashion.

I adore the traditional styles and the basics, but I also offer a modern touch on some of these to help you stand out and avoid looking like every other guy.

All of you should not resemble one another like cookie cutters. Experimenting with textures, patterns, and fabrics, in my opinion, can be a really great approach to upgrade your look this summer.

White T-shirt

The first item is a clean white t-shirt.

T-shirts are undoubtedly a basic and indispensable item for the summer. Especially during the warmer months, they are one of your wardrobe’s workhorses.

These are great for the summer, which is why I mention white in particular. These look great on their own with just about anything, but they also work well layered for the summer.

Maybe you choose to wear the t-shirt by itself throughout the day and add a stylish denim jacket later when it starts to get chilly at night.

I really believe that every guy should have a few white t-shirts in his rotation, but obviously this will vary a little depending on the weather and where you reside.

White is the most versatile color, so I’ll use it here. Wearing a black t-shirt and soaking up the sun might make you feel like you’re having a heat stroke, so it’s nice to wear lighter colors in the summer.

For the summer, white is a really great choice. Of course, you are free to experiment with any hue. While blue and other neutral colors can be great, white is simply the most great thing that every guy should own.

Linen Shirt

One of my all-time summer favorites is the linen shirt, which is the second item on the time.

You should absolutely opt for natural fibers over synthetic when planning your summer wardrobe and warmer-weather attire.

Cotton or linen are going to be much better than synthetics because they don’t tend to retain moisture and have better breathability.

One of my all-time favorite shirts is a linen shirt, and it looks wonderful when you roll the sleeve up and expose the forearm. Do not be afraid to show a small bit of skin; after all, it is summer.

Because it is lightweight, breathable, and rapid drying, linen always has an air of effortlessness about it and is perfect for a hot summer day.

I would simply choose a long sleeve and roll up the sleeves because it is very breathable. There are several short sleeve linen shirts available for you to choose from if you want the short sleeve type of style.

Short Sleeve Cotton Button Up

Although I love the muted tones used here, you can actually choose whatever works you the most.

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Of course, stripes are also a great choice. One of the tasteful patterns available is those.

I’ve seen a lot of other patterns that I like, particularly for the summer. In the summer, you should have a little more fun and experiment around with your clothing.

You might want to wear a Hawaiian shirt if you’re going to a pool party, BBQ, or something similar. For the summer, that is completely acceptable.

There are many tasteful patterns available, but if patterns aren’t really your thing, try experimenting with textures. There are a ton of various textures available that may give this pretty plain look a nice little refresh.

Full Placket Polo

I love the retro vintage vibe of these. I support their recent surge in popularity, which has been enormous.

To me, these simply appear a little more refined and modern than a conventional polo.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a polo, but I know many of you don’t since they make you look like you’re going to a catholic school or 18 holes of golf.

I look these to be really stylish and very simple to dress up or down. Personally, I think they love great with a pair of loafers and a pair of chinos.

Chino Pants

The chino pants are item number five. Because chino pants are your summertime denim, it goes without saying that I had to include them on this list.

These will serve as the mainstay of your warm-weather wardrobe and go with just about anything.

These can be dressed up with a dressy polo and loafers or dressed down with white sneakers and a cotton shirt with short sleeves.

Here, there are countless alternatives. Simply put, having these in your wardrobe for the spring and summer is a great idea. Unlike a pair of jeans, they won’t be as stiff or stuffy.

Even though I adore my black jeans, they aren’t the most practical or logistically sound choice for a hot summer day.

Linen Pants

We have a pair of linen pants in position six. The ideal summer pants are these. Nothing is more perfect for summer than these simple, breathable shoes.

Remember that these will wrinkle, and it’s more than typical; it’s completely fine.

One of the few items of clothing where it’s truly acceptable if it wrinkles while you’re wearing it is this.

You can easily steam these before leaving the house, but I promise that when you sit down, you’ll stand up with a leg covered in wrinkles. Please don’t panic; wrinkles are only acceptable on linen.


We have a pair of shorts at position seven. Since there are so many styles to pick from and it really just comes down to what you like and what your unique style is, I didn’t get too particular here.

While chino and linen are great for the summer, if your style leans more toward athleisure, sweat shorts might be the best pair for you.

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Find what works for you here, once more. A linen or chino short, in my opinion, is quite adaptable for the summer.

You can wear a chino short and make it your own style no matter what your personal style is. Chino shorts are unquestionably a good investment, but I wanted to leave the option open so that each of you may decide what works best for you and avoid having everyone look exactly the same.

Suede Loafers

The suede loafers are item number eight. If you want to look slightly more sophisticated or upscale during the summer without having to spend all day in a pair of boots or dress shoes with dress socks, these are ideal.

These allow you to opt either a no-show sock or no socks at all.

Suede does tend to give me a somewhat more relaxed, summery bit, but if traditional leather loafers are more your style, by all means opt for those.


The ninth item is a pair of sneakers, and I personally advise owning a pair of workout shoes. You may use these for running, going to the gym, or anything else your heart desires.

And then have an another pair of sneakers that are more of your smart casual sneaker that can be worn with more casual outfits.

If you’re wearing sweat shorts and a t-shirt, it’s totally acceptable to wear running shoes with that, even if you’re not necessarily working out or going to the gym. However, if you’re going for more of an athleisure look, I would definitely advise against wearing running shoes with a nice outfit.

Many of you look fantastic in athletic wear, which is totally acceptable for men. Don’t be afraid to wear them with that, then.

But I don’t necessarily believe that wearing running shoes with a pair of jeans or chinos is typically the best look when it comes to looking more elevated, put together, and stylish.

My favorite pair of sneakers is white. They are the most versatile and will match more things in your wardrobe. However, there are drawbacks as well. For example, they require a little more bit to maintain clean.

If white sneakers aren’t your thing, there are lots of other smart casual sneakers available as well that would look just as nice as a white sneaker, but white sneakers are at the top of my list.

Swim Trunks

A stylish pair of swim trunks is a must-have for any list. Swim trunks are a must-have for any man. No matter who you are or where you are going, you must have at least one in your wardrobe.

The harder problem is occasionally finding a stylish pair. Typically speaking, I prefer solid colors that reach up to the center of the knee. The long, knee-length shorts are not really my style.

With your swimsuit on, you can also have some fun here. There are so many various styles and patterns available.

It’s totally acceptable if you’re a party-loving guy and want to wear tiny flamingos on your swim trunks. Simply find for a pair that fits well and makes you feel nice about yourself.

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We have a nice pair of sunglasses in position 11. Naturally, these are great for eye protection, but they also have a nice appearance.

Style and functionality are united in this place.

They are obviously intended to shield your eyes from the sun and ensure that you can see while you’re moving about, but they are also intended to look good and be fashionable.

Make careful to combine the two into one.

In all honesty, there are a lot of very bad-looking sunglasses here. Simply select an item that you like, feel works your face shape and features, and fits your unique style because everything here is subjective.


In number 12, we have a hat. As with number 11, I tried to work a ton of options because there are so many various hat styles that might be worn, depending on your particular style.

The style you select here is totally up to you. I would choose a baseball cap if you are a laid-back guy. A Panama hat can be more appropriate for you if you want to dress up a little.

Because the choice is yours to make, there is no right or wrong choice. These will serve as an additional layer of defense against the sun and a terrible hair day in any case.


A summer fragrance is the last item on my list.

It’s key to have a summer fragrance or a versatile fragrance that you can wear in the summer. A summer fragrance should be appropriate for the situation; consider something reviving, light lemony, a cool splash of water, or a tropical getaway.

You may choose a scent with bergamot or lemon, or anything with watery undertones.

You have to make a choice. There are a plethora of distinct perfumes available.

Something to simply make you feel a little refreshed and more energized. On a steamy summer day, you don’t want to be wearing anything sweet and sticky.

Therefore, the key in this situation is to find something that works for the weather and your circumstances.

Can clothes make you more attractive?


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