How to Dress For Hot Weather (Men)

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How to Dress For Hot Weather (Men)

I’m going to discuss how to dress for hot weather in this article.

I’ll show you how to look smart at temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, when it’s hot and humid.

Many of you are expressing their thoughts “I want to look sharp, and I want to follow your recommendations, but it’s hot, and I can’t wear a jacket or dress nicely. All I need is a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.”

I’m going to offer you a few rules that you can apply to everything you’re wearing, and you’ll be able to dress sharp while also dressing cool in hot weather.

I’ll also discuss certain items in order to provide you with some insight.

Let’s get this party started.

Lightweight Clothing

The first thing I’m going to suggest is that whenever you buy something, make sure it’s lightweight and made of breathable fabric.

Lightweight and breathable are two aspects to consider.

When you consider it, a trash bag is lightweight, but it isn’t breathable.

You must make certain that the fabric is both lightweight and breathable.

Anytime you see linen, wool, or cotton on a shirt, trousers, or a jacket, it’s a positive sign.

When you feel it, it should be light, and if you hold it up to the light, you should be able to see through it a little.

All of these are positive markers.

Synthetic materials have gone a long way, but unless you’re purchasing sports gear or a dress shirt or a jacket that indicates it’s specifically intended for hot weather, stay away from them. Then perhaps give it a try.

They’ve come a long way in the last 15 to 20 years.

Lightweight and breathable are two qualities to look for in whatever you buy, whether it’s a jacket or a pair of socks.


Protection is the next item on the list.

This is an item that shields you from the sun. It literally shields your head from harm.

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I’m largely going to suggest long-sleeved shirts. I won’t recommend polo shirts because they don’t protect your forearms. Henleys aren’t something I’d advocate because they don’t protect the neck.

You want apparel that will shield your skin from the sun.


This is mainly applicable to jackets, though it may also apply to hats, but you want the apparel you buy to be built to protect you.

I’m going to talk about a felt hat, how to wear one in the summer, and what to look for in the construction and build of one.

Jackets are the same way. I’ll discuss how to stay cool when wearing a sports jacket in hot weather.


There has been some study that suggests that just because something is black doesn’t indicate it will be hotter.

Dark colors, on the other hand, absorb more light in my experience. As a result, they will be hotter.

In general, I’ll advise guys to wear brighter colors during the summer. Light gray, tan, and white are all summer colors.

They are excellent at reflecting light and keeping you cool.

Those are the essential ideas; they’re universal and can be applied to anything you’re planning to acquire for your summer outfit.

Now let’s get into the specifics of what I recommend.



Straw hats perform a fantastic job. They keep the sun off of my head and much of my body, especially when the temperature is high and hot.

Furthermore, the construction is breathable, allowing air to circulate around my head.

This is a really useful device.

Another alternative is a felt hat, but it should have holes in the construction to allow air to flow in and out.

This is going to do a great job of keeping the sun off of me. It would be preferable if it were made of straw, but in hot weather, this would suffice.

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Now we’ll move on to jackets.

I have an unlined jacket that is also made of a hopsack material, which is incredibly breathable. I can see light passing right through this when I look through it.

This jacket’s construction, material, and build are all lightweight and breathable. The construction is ideal for the summer.

You may alternatively go for a linen jacket that isn’t as see-through but is unstructured and made of material that will wick sweat away well.

If you have a lining in your jacket, it will be non-breathable. Take care of that. It doesn’t matter how lightweight it is if it has a lining because it isn’t breathable. You’re going to get into a lot of trouble.

If you don’t want to wear a jacket but yet want to look attractive while working in the heat, put on a vest. It’s a fantastic appearance.


Let’s have a look at several shirts.

It’s always a good sign when you see lightweight linen fabric on a shirt, especially in the summer. You’ll have to iron it thoroughly, but you’ll be cool.

When shopping for cotton, seek for 100% cotton and something that is lightweight.

Cotton comes in a variety of weights. The Oxford will be a heavier weight.

The distinction between a plain weave and a twill weave should be understood. If you notice a twill weave, such as herringbone shirts, don’t buy it. Because of the tighter weave, it will be less breathable. Despite the fact that it is composed entirely of cotton, it is not necessarily breathable.


I know you want to wear jeans, and if you do, make sure they’re the appropriate kind of jeans.

Buckley Denim provided me with lightweight jeans composed of a very lightweight material. In the summer, these are pretty much the only jeans I’d recommend.

An excellent alternative would be chinos. I’m going to suggest chinos, particularly ones that are a little more fun. This is the time to wear these types of chinos, which are made entirely of cotton and can be rolled up to enable air to breathe.

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Chinos are a terrific summer trouser to wear because they’re usually looser.

Tropical weight wool and linen trousers are what I’m going to recommend. It could also be a linen-cotton blend.

One of my favorite pairs of trousers is a pair of tropical weight wool.

The majority of people do not include it in their outfit. Don’t be like the majority of people. Look for a way to incorporate it into your clothing.


Let’s talk about shoes for a moment.

Anything that allows air to breathe is a good option.

A lightweight slip-on, a moccasin, boat shoes, and a driving shoe are all options. These are all excellent choices for hot days.

You want to go with something hidden when it comes to socks.

I appreciate the concealed socks, but if you’re going to wear socks, this is a good time to wear interesting socks, as long as they’re made of lightweight material. Cotton and a very lightweight wool are two of my favorite fabrics.

how to dress well in hot weather


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