How to Tell If Clothes Fit (8 Ways)

How to Tell If Clothes Fit

Although it should be obvious, your clothes do not fit. However, there are other ways that your clothes may not fit that you may not be aware of, for which you may realize that no one will be looking, and for which they may not even be aware that it is that particular issue. Regardless, this takes away from your overall look.

Even if the clothing you are wearing is the most costly, designer, and all the other good stuff, if it doesn’t fit you, it will still look cheap.

Let’s start with the first sign that you don’t fit into your clothes.

Pulling Down Your Top

This one is based on my own personal experience, as I’ve worn several shirts similar to this one. However, it’s sweaters and tops that you’re always pulling at to cover your stomach.

I put on all of my weight in the area around my stomach, so if I’m continually pulling it down, I can tell it doesn’t fit me since my stomach is on display. I do not want that.

Your top or sweater shouldn’t need to be pulled down over your trousers all the time. Maybe the dryer caused it to shrink.

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Buttons Pulling

The most obvious one is if your blouse’s buttons are popping. A simple fix for that is to unbutton it a little bit more and then wear something underneath it, such as a bralette, a cami, or one of those half-tops that are supposed to look like a bralette but still have the lace peeking out. This is because it is really difficult to find button-up tops that will actually fit a large chest.

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In this way, everything is pulling in the right directions and you are more relaxed, and it just appears to be the look you want.

Another option is to purchase a top or button-up shirt that is one size too large. And get it altered to fit your body.

Fit Two Fingers in Waistband

Two fingers should fit comfortably inside your waistband when wearing pants, without needing to squeeze in or feel as if you’re about to burst out.

I honestly feel bad for the woman whenever I see her wearing pants that are obviously too tight. I am aware of how uncomfortable she is and how tightly they are cinching her.

Whiskers on the Front

The other telltale sign that someone is wearing improper pants is if their front has those kitten-like whiskers because their hips are too tight and they are constantly pulling. They may fit you in the waist and legs, but the hips are simply too tight.

I’m aware that many women have an hourglass body with a small waist and big hips, yet they struggle to locate pants that fit. You should basically just get something that fits your widest part of your body and then have the waist narrowed. That won’t set you back much money either. Your clothing will look and fit better as a result. It merely makes a significant difference.

Pocket Lining Poking Out

The third sign that someone’s pants do not fit is if the linings of their pockets are constantly protruding. They keep escaping from your pants because they are excessively tight in the hip area.

Your pants also don’t fit since they are really uncomfortable. You know these things are uncomfortable, you know you don’t need to wear them, it doesn’t look good, and you need to take action. It just doesn’t look good to wear these pants; put them away or give them away.

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Not Able to Give a Hug

A jacket does not fit if it prevents you from hugging someone while you’re wearing it.

I frequently experience this issue because of my wide shoulders, poor posture, and generally wide upper body and large chest. Often, I will put on a jacket, which looks fine, but if I were to hug someone, either I couldn’t or it would ride up my back.

That is not what you want to happen. That is a clear sign that your jacket does not fit.

To avoid feeling too constrained, I frequently choose blazers and jackets with a loose fit or fabric that has some give.

Shorts Shouldn’t Ride Up

When you wear on your shorts—whether they’re denim or regular—and they’re a little uncomfortable, but that’s okay. Then you sit down somewhere, and every time you stand up, you have to take your shorts out of your crotch or butt cheeks because you have a giant wedgie.

They are too tight, which explains why.

I had a terrible habit of doing this. I believe there was a period of time in my life when I exclusively wore shorts, and I just assumed that this was how shorts were supposed to fit at the time.

I didn’t want to admit what size I really wore. I ought to have increased the size. Things would definitely look better and fit me better. It would have all looked nicer.

I couldn’t change that at the time, so I’m just telling you now so you can make up for my earlier errors.

Tops Shouldn’t Pull at The Bust

One more question for the females with larger chests: have you ever worn a top that pulled all over your chest? It’s usually a stretchy top, perhaps a simple t-shirt.

It lacks charm. It’s effectively a sign on your chest that reads, “I have a really enormous chest,” yet people don’t really look at it. That’s what it says, and it means that your shirt doesn’t fit. You need get a larger top.

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This is entirely drawn from my past. I’ve had a lot of tops that I thought were really cute, but now that I’m looking back, I see that they just looked like my clothes were too tight and that I didn’t know how to dress myself; they didn’t look cute at all.

Avoid doing that. If they are pulling at all, if anything is pulling, it simply means that it is a little too tight; you should go up a size; or perhaps you should try a different shirt entirely. It simply isn’t compatible with your body.

If many of these apply to you or you feel you genuinely have these issues with many of your clothes, what if you just got all the clothes that don’t fit, that fall into these categories, or maybe don’t fit you in some other way, put them in a box, get rid of them, get them out of your sight, and all you would be left with are clothes that actually fit you?

Imagine being able to walk inside your closet and knowing that everything there is the right size for you and doesn’t pull or tug in any way.

You can end up being a completely different person. Your life could be altered by this.

Hope these tips were beneficial. Please provide any more advice you have for the rest of us on ill-fitting clothing.

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