What Colors Go Well With Burgundy?

What Colors Go Well With Burgundy?

The color burgundy is going to be the primary subject of discussion in this article about matching colors. A stunning, rich-looking color that is excellent to wear in the fall and winter.

I’m going to show you the color combinations that mix so well with burgundy so you can create a ton of ensembles if you already own something in that shade.

Burgundy, Black & White

I’m going to start with the color combination of burgundy, black, and white.

Since most people have something in their wardrobe that is either black or white, they can typically make this combination work.

The most common way to wear this outfit is with a white top and black bottom, combined with a burgundy coat or cardigan on top.

Equally stunning when worn at work, as a smarter look, or as a more casual look.

You might opt to wear black trousers, a white sweater, and a burgundy bag instead of a burgundy coat. Or black bag, black top, and white bottoms. Alternately, wear black bottoms with white tops and a burgundy scarf.

Examine what you have available in each of these three colors, then think about how you might combine them.

If you didn’t want to use white, you could just stick with a black and burgundy color scheme.

It would look nice to wear a black dress, such as a jumper dress, with a burgundy coat and black or burgundy boots.

If you have any type of burgundy pants, consider wearing them with all black clothing. A skirt can be worn in the same way.

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Alternately, you could simply go all-burgundy with just a pair of black shoes and a black bag.

Burgundy & Pink

Burgundy looks more delicate and feminine when paired with a pastel or pale pink. Possibly, you already have things in your wardrobe that you might use for this.

These two colors look fantastic together and complete one another well. There are many lovely combinations you can make with this one.

Try pairing a pink top with a burgundy skirt or pair of pants. Maybe with the contrasting color below and a pink or burgundy coat.

Including white in this combination also looks great. Maybe just a white shirt worn underneath or even on top of a sweater.


Burgundy & Green

The following color combination is green and burgundy. Together, it just looks great. You can only wear one piece of green clothes, which can be trousers in a pretty earthy green. Burgundy dominates the remainder, including the top, bag, and shoes.

Perhaps you have some things in your wardrobe that you might try using in a different way. If you have a green coat, you might want to give this a try.

A nice way to handle this, in my opinion, would also be to use all green or possibly all burgundy below.

Burgundy & Navy

Navy is possibly one of my preferred color combinations with burgundy. Together, they look fabulous. It’s a very opulent and rich combo. Together, the colors look wonderful.

There are several ways to wear this expensive-looking color combination.

A navy dress and a burgundy coat or just burgundy accessories would work.

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I have also added burgundy boots and tried it with navy blue below. I’ve tried it with two various dress types. One fits slightly more loosely than the other.

Another way I tried was wearing a navy blazer with a burgundy roll-neck sweater. I tried it in a similar way with the burgundy dress and navy blazer.

4 Colors

The following one features a four-color combination. It is camel, burgundy, gray, and black. It might sound a little cluttered and perplexing, but it works.

Try this color combination with a gray sweater, black pants, and a burgundy bag if you have a camel coat.

With the things I have, I tried this one myself. I hardly ever combine these four hues. I haven’t intentionally worn this color combination, but it has been added to my list of potential outfits.

Depending on what you have in each color, you can wear this four-way mix in a variety of ways.

Burgundy and camel are the only two colors needed to complete this color scheme. Or you might use gold and burgundy. That mix looks wonderful.

Or you could just use the three-color combination of camel, black, and burgundy, which also looks great. Together, burgundy and camel look fabulous. It appears just as opulent to me as navy and burgundy do together, and I believe it to be an underappreciated color combination.

Gray and burgundy provide for another another stunning color combination. This is quickly turning into one of my very favorites.

I’ve talked a lot about the colors that go great with burgundy, but burgundy is also one of those hues that looks great when worn from head to toe all by itself.

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Ladies may be a little hesitant to wear that, but it can look incredibly chic.

Wearing something from head to toe without being over the top or flashy is simple, whether it’s a burgundy trouser suit, a skirt and top, a dress and coat, or pants and a sweater.



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