10 Wearable Fashion Trends For 2023

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Wearable Fashion Trends For 2023

In this article, I’d like to highlight 10 really wearable fashion trends that are expected to be huge in 2023.

The word “wearable” is key.

Fashion trends are great, and I enjoy following them, but it will be difficult for you to incorporate them into your wardrobes if they are not wearable and practical.

The fashion trends that you can expect to see in 2023 that I’m really focused on here are the ones that are the most wearable.

Although there are numerous trends, I believe these are some of the most key trends. Naturally, they are the most wearable as well.

Strong Stripes

The trend of wearing stripes comes first. Although stripes are always in style, not just any stripes. Never a season goes by that I don’t notice stripes.

But we can expect seeing crazy stripes next year. They are thicker, bolder, and making a stronger statement.

They are extremely vibrant and can be found on anything, including dresses, skirts, shirts, and sweaters. Also popular are striped trousers, particularly those with vertical stripes, which look particularly flattering.

Sport Luxe

Sport luxe is the upcoming trend that will be huge in 2023. Although it has been enormous this year, it will be slightly higher next year than it was this year.

Wearing a workout garment, such as leggings, with more of a fashion element appears to be a bit of a contrast.

Because of that high-low contrast, the outfit has a bit more of a modern, elevated edge than other looks we’ve seen this year.

It’s still a really casual, practical, fashionable, and quite easy to wear look.


Ruffles will be the most feminine trend in 2023. The easiest way to give any outfit a lively vibe is to add ruffles.

There will be ruffles in a variety of sizes. On the runway, I’ve seen some very extravagant ruffles.

I am aware that ruffles occasionally have a creepy quality due to the additional fabric and weight. It appears that some people have the misconception that wearing ruffles will make them look heavier than they actually are.

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I do urge you to try on a few different pieces and pick your ruffles carefully. Don’t be afraid of that.

You don’t have to use them in excessive ways. You can just enjoy a skirt with lovely ruffle details.

Generally speaking, ruffles create extra movement to an outfit, which may be quite flattering. The movement may draw eye away from one specific area of your body. A ruffle is the easiest and most effective approach to conceal a specific area.

Don’t discount ruffles because you believe they will make you look larger. They can be great for illusion dressing and highly figure-flattering.

Fringe & Tassels

Fringing and tassel detailing is another trend that will continue through 2022 and 2023.

These little details are just a fairly easy way to add an outfit some drama. Don’t think of drama in the sort of evening attire, which is where this kind of intricacy is typically found.

However, tassels and fringing will be present everywhere.

Really, all that needs to be done is to give some of those pieces a little texture, movement, and drama.

Don’t picture outrageous fringing and tassels. There are certain pieces that are really minor details that merely add a tiny bit of interest.

Don’t discount these two details. For 2023, they’re going to be huge.

Lace & Laser Cuts

Lace and cloth with laser cuts are the next big thing in trend. The laser-cut cloth is really lovely. It almost resembles a modern interpretation of conventional lace and is quite feminine.

What I have observed designers doing is using this fabric to simply create something very wonderful out of conventional pieces, such as a classic shirt, summer dress, or skirt.

These pieces are both modern and feminine.

The key would be to not overdo them and not get carried away. But they are a great way to add to a basic outfit by giving some interest, texture, and something different.

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Powder Blue

For spring and summer, pastels are usually in trend, and for the coming year, this stunning powdery blue is one of the nicest hues that appears to be everywhere.

There are numerous shades of this blue that are accessible. Beautiful sky blue and icy blues caught my eye; there was something for everyone. It’s an easy hue that you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe.

It’s one of the hues that everyone finds flattering.


Pops of Neon

It’s possible that I’ll get in trouble for including this one on my list of the most wearable trends, which is the trend of wearing neon.

I don’t anticipate you’ll want to dress entirely in neon. However, that is definitely a trendy outfit for the next year.

But one really easy method to add some genuine oomph and a little bit of wow to an otherwise plain outfit is to simply add a few little bright neony accessories to it.

You can achieve this by simply adding a handbag, a little purse, or a neon tank as an accessory.

It’s an easy choice. Give it a try even though I know it’s a little terrifying.

It’s a really easy way to give an outfit a little bit of a wow factor without trying too hard. I’ve been experimenting with adding and incorporating some neon into some of my outfits.

Double Denim

The trend of wearing denim over denim comes next. The secret to wearing double denim is to alternate between different denim weights or denim colors. Sort of combining lighter and darker hues.

Wearing even comparable hues of denim is another option, and I’ve seen this look become more fashionable in recent years. Because it creates an easy, monochromatic outfit appearance.

The double-denim trend is rapidly gaining traction.

Consider ways to break it up as well. A crossbody bag will help break up the double denim trend if you’re looking to participate in it.

Just to give your eye a little bit of relief from all that denim, add a belt to break it up.


The aesthetic of crochet is currently in trend. I’ve always been a little dubious about this bit of clothing, but from what I’ve seen, crochet appears to have a stunningly modern edge.

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It creates a nice texture to outfits when paired with some timeless, elegant pieces. Adding texture to an outfit can occasionally be the quickest way to modernize it or simply give it some interest.

Whether that takes the form of leather coupled with a knit. Simply mixing those textures will create some interest.

The crochet trend is here to stay, and I might even buy some crocheted pieces in the upcoming year.

Fully Beige

The trend of wearing beige from head to toe is the last but not the least. We’ve seen this style for a number of seasons, and it’s likely to be huge next year, which is fantastic because we already know that brown is currently in.

It’s actually combining some of those neutral and brown pieces to make top to bottom outfits from that.

We have noticed this trend quite a bit recently. It simply won’t go away. It’s almost like a new uniform for the fashion industry.

I adore how simple it is, how little effort is required, how flattering it is, and how simple it is to create some basic outfits without giving your clothing much attention.

It’s the traditional monochrome look, which is easy to achieve as you only need to match objects that belong to the same color family.



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