10 Fashion Trends For 2024 That Will Be Huge


This video discusses 10 wearable fashion trends for 2024 based on recent Resort Collections.

Here is what we can expect to see in 2024. These 10 fashion trends are set to be huge.



Burgundy is predicted to be the standout color trend for 2024. It’s described as a versatile shade that can act as a new neutral. Cooler shades of burgundy with red and violet undertones are well-suited for those with pinky, olive, or darker skin tones, while warmer shades containing brown tones complement peachy or golden complexions.

Halter Neck Styles


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The video highlights the resurgence of halter neck styles in dresses and tops. While these styles can beautifully accentuate the shoulders and collarbones, it’s noted that those with fuller busts might find them a bit challenging, as they can make the bust appear larger. However, for individuals who enjoy showcasing their shoulders, halter necks are recommended.



When it comes to metallic, silver has been having a moment this year, and it is here to stay right through 2024. Whether it be silver pants, silver dresses, silvery shoes, sandals or ankle boots.

A-Line Dresses


The trend of A-line dress silhouettes is discussed, mentioning that this style is making a return after some hesitation. While it might have been perceived as overly feminine in the past, the author suggests that the A-line shape can be flattering and sophisticated. It’s described as a wearable trend that complements the female figure.

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Seashell Prints


The video introduces seashell prints as a fun and unique pattern choice. It’s presented as a departure from the usual stripes and florals, offering a modern and playful alternative. The author suggests that this trend could be an extension of the mermaid-inspired fashion seen in recent years, giving a fresh and contemporary take on the theme.

Scuba Fabrics

scuba fabric

The video discusses the popularity of scuba fabrics, which are known for being easy to wear and practical. The texture of scuba fabrics is described as modern and luxurious, adding an elevated touch to casual or sporty outfits. The speaker suggests that scuba fabrics work particularly well with street-style looks and can provide a more upscale feel to such outfits.

Sharp Tailoring


The video indicates that tailoring is an enduring trend in fashion, but for 2024, the focus is on enhanced shoulders. This means that tailored pieces will feature larger and sharper shoulder designs, along with a more defined waistline. The author advises caution regarding extreme shoulder pad sizes, as these may quickly become outdated.

Sheer Skirts


Sheer skirts continue to be a trend, but the video notes that the approach is evolving. Instead of entirely transparent skirts, designers are showcasing sheer skirts made from tool-like or semi-sheer fabrics with a discreet underlayer. This creates a look that is feminine, sophisticated, and leaves something to the imagination.

Teddy Coats


The author highlights Teddy coats as a practical and cozy trend for 2024. These coats are described as shirling or woolly with a snuggly texture. They are anticipated to remain a popular choice due to their warmth and comfort. The video suggests that various Teddy coat styles, whether long coats or jackets, will be in demand.

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Cottage Core

cottage core

The video discusses the emergence of the Cottage core trend, which is characterized by a nostalgic and cozy aesthetic reminiscent of western cowgirl and cottage-style themes. This trend includes elements like crochet and evokes a sense of comfort and simplicity.

Overall, the video provides insights into these upcoming fashion trends, offering viewers a glimpse of what to expect in the world of fashion for 2024.


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