What is Minimalist Fashion Style? (Designers & Brands)

What is Minimalist Fashion Style?

So you want to know what is minimalist fashion style?

One of the most overused words in the fashion business is minimalist. It can refer to almost anything.

So I’d like to talk about what I think it means, what it doesn’t imply, where it originates from, and which brands and designers, in my opinion, are minimalist brands.

What is Minimalist Fashion Style?

When people say this outfit is minimalistic or minimalist, they’re usually referring to the first things that come to mind when they look at it: the overall shape, colors, and lines.

For example, this would be considered a minimalist outfit:

minimalist fashion women

It’s all one color. It appears simple. Straight lines are visible. It appears to be quite clean and tidy.

That is partially correct. For a definition, it’s a good start.

This outfit, on the other hand, is also monochrome, simple, and has straight lines:

everyday minimalist fashion

However, you’d probably describe it as more casual than minimalistic.

So, what’s the difference between the two styles?

Tailoring is the difference for me. Constructing a garment with fascinating proportions, that falls correctly, and that appears simple is incredibly difficult, and it all comes down to tailoring skills.

The difference between a casual and a classy clothing is tailoring.

It doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit jacket with shoulders and everything, but it does indicate that the things you’re wearing are well-fitting and the cut is appropriate.

A look is minimalistic in my opinion when it appears to be simple, when it is clean, devoid of additions and embellishments, and when it is well-tailored.

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What Minimalist Fashion Style is Not?

Minimalism does not imply that the garment’s structure is simplistic. In actuality, it appears to be simple, but it could be quite complicated.

It’s an art to make something complicated appear simple.

Minimalism does not imply that less fabric is better, or that your clothing must be ultra-thin, sheer, or translucent.

It also doesn’t rule out the possibility of a structured outfit. It can have a heavy internal structure to help it maintain its shape.

Minimalism does not rule out the use of textured or patterned materials. After all, why not? You certainly can.

Minimalism does not imply monochromatic dressing, or the wearing of solely black and white or neutrals.

In fact, I believe that the cut and silhouette are far more significant than the color selections.

The outfits on the runways appear to be simple, but the tailoring is excellent.

The fit is ideal. The quality of execution is evident throughout.

Designers made clear choices in terms of proportions, as you can see. It’s generally cohesive, but each piece is unique. If that makes sense.

Quality over quantity is where minimalism comes from.

Minimalist fashion is, in my opinion, an aesthetic.

It’s a mindset that grew stronger in the wake of the financial crisis at the turn of the century.

People began to think more about what they dressed when their purchasing power declined.

Is it a good investment? Is it the right fit for me? Is it possible to mix that with what I already own?

When you start to be picky, favor quality over quantity, and utilize what you already have in your closet, you’re getting near to the concept of a capsule wardrobe.

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However, I don’t believe that having a minimalist fashion aesthetic requires you to own fewer and fewer clothes.

A capsule wardrobe, I believe, is more of a result of that mindset, or a tool to assist you in getting there, and it is a really important one.

Which Designers and Brands Are Minimalists?

The designer, Phoebe Philo, is the queen of flawless, luxury fashion that appears simple, intuitive, and organic but is actually very high-end.

Spring/Summer 2011 is the look on the left. Then there’s Autumn/Winter 2010. Spring/Summer 2015 follows.

minimalist fashion outfits

I’m really taken with the one in the middle.

It’s really just a top and bottom in solid colors. If you look closely, the cut and proportions are unique and inventive. It’s a distinctive appearance.

Jil Sander, who presents at Milan Fashion Week in Italy, is the next brand that springs to mind.

aesthetic minimalist fashion

Everything that isn’t vital to the design has been removed, as you can see in these instances. Despite this, nothing is missing. The cuts are clean and exquisite, not at all casual.

Do you concur?

Although Jil Sander is not as well-known as, say, Calvin Klein, I admire the house’s aesthetic.

Looking at the American market, Theory is undoubtedly the most minimalistic brand right now. They are the shirting champions. It’s a terrific brand to check into if you need a high-end, white, crisp shirt that’s well-tailored.

	elegant minimalist fashion

VOGUE refers to items like this as “unshowy clothing.” They’re not loud, but they’re well-cut and made of high-end fabrics that look and feel luxury.

You can tell that they aren’t just black and white. The clothing are easy to combine, comfortable, and unique, which is just what I’m looking for.

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When I design, I strive to make items that are interchangeable, comfortable, and unique.

Finally, without all the fluff, minimalist clothing is well-made, smart, and of good quality. All of those aspects, in my opinion, are extremely necessary for good design.

What do you consider to be good design? When you go shopping for garments, what qualities do you seek for?

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