Fall/Winter 2023/2024 Color Trends

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Fall/Winter 2023/2024 Color Trends

This video discusses fall/winter 23/24 color trends, emphasizing the importance of buying for one’s color palette.

The host is specifically focusing on 15 colors from Pantone. She divides these colors into two categories: 10 pops of color and 5 neutrals.

Throughout the video, she provides insights into the color characteristics, undertones, and which seasons they are most suitable for.

Pops of Color

Tender Peach: Described as a neutral-cool blush color suitable for individuals with neutral to cool undertones.

Rose Violet: Noted for its rich and deep color with blue undertones, suitable for cool winters.

Viva Magenta: Characterized as a deep pinky red color, discussed in a separate video with insights on color combinations.

Red Orange: Labeled as a beautiful warm color, suitable for deep falls or warm springs.

Red Dahlia: Described as an elegant and deep color, fitting for deep falls with warm features.

Joyful Yellow: Color with warmth, suitable for springs and autumns, though some might find yellow challenging to wear.

Persian Jewel: Compared to Periwinkle and categorized under spring for its light, bright, and slightly warm characteristics.

Carnival Glass: Noted as a mentholated green with an icy appearance, ideal for light summers and cool Winters.

Burn Sienna: Described as a rusty, earthy color, suitable for fall, particularly soft falls and possibly deep falls.

Kohlrabi: Recognized as a bright and warm apple green color, placed in spring, possibly leaning toward bright winter.

Classic Neutrals

Coconut Milk: Characterized as a soft white with cooler undertones, suitable for soft summers and autumns.

Eclipse: A deep, rich blue color placed in deep winters or cool winters.

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Hot Fudge: Although appearing black, it’s believed to be a very dark brown suitable for the deepest sub-seasons of deep winter and deep fall.

Silver Birch: Described as a natural gray with some warmth, primarily crossing into a more neutral space, suitable for deep autumn and deep winter.

Doe: Labeled as a Tony and tactile Brown with a soft warmth, fitting for warmer springs and summers, including warm autumns and possibly light springs.

The host concludes by reminding viewers to buy clothing within their color palette, emphasizing sustainability and longevity over following short-lived fashion trends.

Overall, the video provides a detailed analysis of various colors, their suitability for different color seasons, and practical fashion advice based on individual undertones and preferences.

Fall/Winter 2023/2024 Color Trends

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