What Colors Go With Green Clothes?

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What Colors Go With Green Clothes?

In this article I’m going to focus on the color green and what colors go well with green clothes.

Since I personally wear this color very infrequently, I’m hoping this article would serve as inspiration for me to start wearing it more frequently as well.

But if you do have a green item in your closet that you may have forgotten about or that you just want to wear more, I’ve got some great color combinations that match with greens so you can create more looks and get the most out of your wardrobe.

There are many different shades of green, but because it’s becoming colder outside, I thought I’d concentrate more on the darker greens, like emerald and olive, in this article.

Green and Black

Let’s begin with a striking color combination of green and black, which goes well together.

What’s green in your closet, exactly? A green sweater, skirt, pair of trousers, coat or blazer, or possibly a green bag that would go well with black.

If you have a green coat or blazer, pairing it with all black underneath might look really chic.

Wearing a green sweater to complement the coat can change that instead of a black one.

Wear a green bag in place of the traditional black bag.

I went about it a little differently than that and wore an all-black ensemble with a green bag.

There is yet another choice. Try pairing your green skirt with a black top or vice versa if you have one.

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Alternatively, try pairing a green sweater with black trousers if you have one.

Add White

You might mix white to the green and black combination. You can play around with that combo in a lot of different ways.

You might put white coat or blazer, green sweater, and black trousers. Try wearing a black jacket and a white top with a green skirt if you have one. Or, if you have one, a biker or blazer jacket.

Alternatively, depending on the weather where you reside, wear heels and a black bag.

Trousers could be worn with the same combo. You might try this with a green coat and all-white underneath, along with black accessories. This is a great approach to execute this combo. Or a green coat, black top, and white bottoms.

So, there are many lovely ways to wear this three-way mix.

Green and Navy

Keeping with the three-way color combination, instead of black, white and green, swap the black for navy.

Green and navy go well together.


This picture is a gorgeous illustration of how well these three colors blend together.

It’s possible that you don’t have these specific parts in these specific colors; therefore, you’ll have to do with what you already have.

I don’t own a green jacket, but I do own some vintage green trousers, and I’ve never been exactly sure what to put them with other than white.

I now have another choice after putting them with a navy blazer. I can now begin wearing them a little bit more frequently. That ensemble would also look wonderful with a tan bag added.

Alternatively, try pairing the green trousers with the navy sweater, white trainers, and tan bag.

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It just goes to show that, no matter what your personal taste, some colors are universally flattering.

You might opt to wear navy, white, and green exclusively in place of the white.

That combo is also incredibly gorgeous.

Put on navy top and green bottoms if you have them. Perhaps a navy coat and sweater or a navy sweater and scarf.

A simple green blouse worn with a navy cardigan and dark indigo trousers is another gorgeous illustration of how well green and navy mix together. Despite being relatively straightforward, the combination is stunning.

Wear a green top, green trousers, and a navy blazer instead of navy trousers. These two colors can make some truly great looks.

Green and Camel

Camel and green go well together. It has a cozy, earthy feel.

You may try putting a green dress with a camel coat or a cardigan if you have one. Try putting a green top with a camel or beige skirt or pair of trousers if you have them (beige looks great with the two). Maybe a blouse or a sweater.

You could add some white to that, like a camel coat and a white blouse with green pants. Or, add some black.

Green and Burgundy

Burgundy is an unexpected color that complements green. Although you don’t commonly see this color combination, it looks well.

Perhaps you have something in those two colors in your wardrobe that you might try. Using either color on the bottom and the opposite color on top, you might try a skirt and top combo.

Optionally, try the same thing while wearing trousers and either a burgundy bag and shoes or a green bag. You could add some black with it and wear some black trousers if you wanted to.

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All Green

Another choice is to be completely green. Though it may not appeal to everyone, it can look gorgeous. It is not necessary for it to be in separate parts.

It can be a green dress with matching green shoes and bag. Or a green trouser suit in various shades and textures.

You may add some gold to anything you put together to truly make it special. You could also mix a print.

what color to wear with green?


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