How To Wear Viva Magenta, Pantone Color of The Year 2023

How To Wear Viva Magenta

This article is for you if you would want to learn how to wear the most popular color trend for the upcoming year.

The Pantone color of the year for 2023 is the focus of this article. It’s called Viva Magenta.

We will be going everything Viva Magenta. Who can actually wear off this color, who should avoid it, how to pair it with other colors, and what colors not to pair it with.

It is now December 2022, and at this time of year, Pantone has traditionally announced their choice for the color of the year to be used in the following year.

Who is Pantone?

When it comes to trends, they are the color experts.

Who employs them?

Anyone who works in the fields of makeup, fashion, interior design, or graphic design. Pantone’s imprint may be seen virtually everywhere that color is utilized; in other words, everywhere.

Because of this, it is essential to pay attention to what Pantone has designated as the color of the year. Because we are going to encounter a lot of it over the course of the next year.

It’s not only a matter of following trends. Knowing whether to invest in a trend and knowing if it is right for you are key. This is what I’m going to talk about because it’s the crucial component.

From Where Does Viva Magenta Come?

Its foundations are found in the natural world. It is a color that stands for courage, fearlessness, and optimism for the upcoming year.

Its primary color is red, and as is commonly known, red is considered to be a warm color. It is located on the color wheel’s warmer side. But the color is pinky red.

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Because of the combination of cooler and warmer colors, you can very much get away with this if you are cool or warm toned.

In terms of temperature, it is exactly in the middle. The color is neither muted nor excessively bright. It is neither very light nor terribly dark. It is just about right. It is therefore in the middle and evolving into a highly universal color.

Who Can Wear Viva Magenta Color?

Many people find this color to be highly wearable.

You don’t need to be particularly fussy about how this is going to blend in with the color scheme that you are working with. It’s going to work pretty nicely for a lot of people.

On the other hand, I would say that it has a hint of a deep color to it since I can see the depth in it. Therefore, I believe it will work best in the winter and autumn.

It could be more difficult to wear if you have very light features, such as light blonde hair, light blue eyes, or fair skin, or if your features are quite muted.

Because of this, I believe that whether you are a deep autumn or a deep winter, this will work amazingly for you.

This is where you should wear your Viva Magenta, whether it’s in a lipstick, a jacket, a scarf, or anywhere up around the face.

What Colors Go Really Well With Viva Magenta?

The easiest way to decide whether to wear a color as a monochrome, pair it with a complementary color, or wear it with analogous colors is to look at where it sits on the color wheel.

Let’s start with the most complementary color scheme, which is a combination of colors that are opposite one another.

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Complementary Look

What color is located on the color wheel right across from Viva Magenta?

We have green right opposite and it’s a lime green.

You can start by introducing modest dosages of this. You can start by incorporating this in very modest amounts as you go along.

The simplest method to start pairing one color with another color is in that manner.

Monochrome Look

You might go for a monochromatic look, which will lengthen the body.

The goal here is to use several tints and shades of the same color. You can have a very light pink, the Viva Magenta and then a darker magenta.

That may work pretty well for one outfit.

Analogous Look

You could try an analogous look. On the color wheel, these colors are next to one another.

If we move to the left and right of Viva Magenta on the color wheel, we reach warmer, more orange- and red-toned colors. And then we move over the other side into a cooler pink.

These will also complement one another very effectively.

Not everyone may find it appealing, but if you have a creative streak, you’ll adore this combination.

Start off with the Viva Magenta in the highest color dose and use the other colors in lower doses in various items, such as a blouse, a handbag, your nail polish, etc.

Triadic Color System

This will also appeal to individuals who enjoy the bright and cheerful color combination.

You can have a Viva Magenta, a violet blue, and a mustardy yellow.

When we include that into an ensemble, it might look incredibly good if the colors are used in escalating or decreasing amounts. They shouldn’t be distributed equally among them. That would simply be too busy.

You could go quite technical and adhere to the guidelines around the color wheel and the color matching and do it that way.

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However, there are instances when I like to simply follow my eye and see what works best.

Good Color Combinations

You might choose Viva Magenta with a lighter pink top.

You might choose turquoise. This combination is lovely.

Because Viva Magenta isn’t a particularly clear color and is a little bit dirty, we should find a complementary color that is similarly dirty.

Therefore, rather than going for a very bright and clear turquoise, try giving it a bit of a dirty look. This is accomplished by including a small amount of black, which imparts dirtiness.

We can use dirty lime to counteract Viva Magenta. Additionally, Viva Magenta will look fantastic with some purple hues. Together, the colors red and purple look fantastic. It is very impressive.

Viva Magenta is a red tone, it’s kind of a pinky red. Getting that purple color can look amazing with it as well.

What Should Not Go With Viva Magenta?

Black is the one color I wouldn’t pair it with.

When you combine a gorgeous, rich color with black, it utterly destroys that color’s richness. Simply put, the color doesn’t have the same impact.

This is not something I would match with black.

There are a ton of additional fantastic options available to bring the colors to life.



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