How to Dress & Look Chic in Summer

How to Dress Chic in Summer

Summer or any anytime it’s extremely hot outside is by far my least favorite season to dress for.

Where I currently reside, it begins to get hot rather early and continues to do so until the beginning of October.

I’ve been putting a lot of effort into figuring out how to get dressed, enjoy my outfits, and still look chic and be comfortable over the past few years.

In this article, I want to share with you those tips. So that you can be inspired even when it’s extremely hot outdoors, I want to go through some of the things that have been working for me and hopefully they can assist you as well.

Let’s get going.

Keep Things Off Your Skin

My first piece of advice is to avoid getting anything on your skin.

Things that are little looser and billowier. Puff sleeves, peplum tops that allow for some air conditioning, looser pants, wide legs, wide skirts, and looser shorts are all great.

My sense of comfort and style have significantly improved as a result of all of that.

I always feel so much more at ease when I can let some air in and don’t feel like anything is physically contacting or pressing my skin.

In a similar vein, I also believe that increasing your size by one or even two can have a really positive impact. Because they are off of your skin and also look to be quite effortless, things appear to be very effortless. That feeling of suffocation is absent.

Every time it’s hot or humid, I get pretty bloated, and depending on how hot it is, I find that my regular clothing are either little too tight or really tight. Then I’m left with nothing to wear.

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Instead, I have so much more flexibility if I can move up a few sizes.

Be Strategic About Your Fabrics

The second piece of advice I have is to choose your clothing’s fabrics and materials wisely.

When it’s hot outside, opting for clothing that is breathable, light, and airy will undoubtedly make you a little more comfortable.

But I want to go a little bit further with this.

It’s crucial, in my opinion, to consider how certain materials will lay and whether or not they will maintain their shape while evaluating them.

Going for linen generally won’t give you that impression if you prefer a highly polished, structured look and things to stay really clean and crisp. Although you’ll feel incredibly light, airy, and breathable, the wrinkle factor can make you feel less put together and chic.  In the end, it’s a little less consistent with your desired look.

Instead, choosing clothing that is extremely light and breathable but keeps its shape or has pleating will have the desired effect.

Take a piece of clothing and crumple it in your hand to test this. If it has a lot of wrinkles when you release it, it will be wrinkle city when you wear it. However, that is a really wonderful fabric to take into account if there is only one, perhaps two, or none.

Go For Accessories

My next piece of tip is to use accessories to your advantage in order to look chic in the heat and feel great in your outfits, even when it’s sweltering outside.

All year round, accessories are great, but during the summer months when you’re wearing less clothing and it’s hot outside, accessories can really give an impact and spice up your look.

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You don’t have to wear a blazer, sweater, or jacket, but you can opt for a great bag and a super-cute pair of sandals or shoes instead.

You can choose a scarf and possibly tie it on your purse, in your hair, or in the loops of your belt. Sunglasses are another item that is functional and practical.

Similarly, hats. There are so many adorable tiny straw hats available. I have one with a very attractive style. It has a really attractive hue and a very short brim. It’s like a dark blue and black, which is really a chic combo.

By going something similar, you can still enhance your outfit while providing sun protection.

Additionally, when it comes to jewelry, I believe that statement earrings or really experimenting with your earrings are the best options.

You don’t have to worry about anything feeling bloated or swollen because they are off your skin, off your neck, and not on your wrists.

But if you choose a great set of statement earrings, you may add some lovely intrigue to your outfit and show them off even more when you tie your hair back. I adore that they are both attractive and functional, especially in the summer.

Structured Footwear

And last but not least are breathable yet structured shoes.

If you enjoy structured shoes like ballet flats, loafers, and ankle boots like I do, you shouldn’t really wear those when it’s really hot outside because they aren’t the most functional or practical.

Instead, I advise searching for structured footwear that makes reference to classic fall and winter shoes but is still open and breathable.

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Something like a great sandal with a chunkier sole, a buckle detail, and the ability to go with all of the summer outfits you’re working.

I’ve thought about my personal clothes, and that’s one thing I’m definitely lacking. I’m looking for the ideal pair in an effort to correct it this year.

Because letting your feet out can significantly make how comfortable you are.

Going anything with structure can make you feel like you while still being functional for the weather.

Please share any recommendations you may have with me; I’m looking for anything for myself and will let you know if I find anything.

I sincerely hope that these tips are beneficial for you, as getting dressed in the summer or any other time when you are not feeling particularly inspired can be very exhausting, and if you’re anything like me, you just avoid it.

These tips have been quite helpful to me as I strive to avoid doing that. I hope these can assist you as well.

How to Look Chic in Summer


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