6 Summer Trends No Longer In Style

Summer Trends No Longer In Style

I’m concentrating on some important summer basics that are unquestionably on their way out, but I’m not going to leave you hanging.

I’ll also let you know what’s going to take their place.

The basics are the cornerstone of our wardrobe, but some of them are being phased out in favor of pieces that are a little bit fresher and more current.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about them and how you may give new life into your summer wardrobe, keep reading.

Mesh Leggings

We’re saying goodbye to those mesh paneled leggings, which is the one I’m most pleased about.

I have a number of pairs, but they never make me feel good. Those with panels running across the legs or down the sides are the ones I’m talking about.

I like them, but there’s a better choice, and leggings with the slit detail at the ankle are becoming increasingly popular.

These leggings not only give your shoes a moment to shine, but they also help to balance out the proportions of an outfit.

Leggings are obviously quite slender, and if you carry a lot of your weight around your midsection or have an apple body shape, leggings can throw off your proportions.

These slit leggings, on the other hand, are more akin to slacks or pants than leggings, which makes them more flattering.

So it’s adios to the mesh panel leggings and hello to these slit style leggings.

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Distressed Tees

The trend of wearing distressed and cut out style tees has recently been replaced by a traditional boyfriend style tee, as I’ve noticed.

This is following the preppy style trend, which is gaining traction, but the classic, very simple clean lines, slightly relaxed and roomy fitting tees are the way to go.

They’re just a great wardrobe staple for mixing and matching with skirts and shorts to create some pretty simple ensembles.

So, a traditional boyfriend tee is the style to go.

Bike Shorts

This one makes me happy since bike shorts have finally had their moment in the sun, and they’re being replaced by more loose-fitting knitted shorts. I think that that is a really sensible way to go.

Bike shorts will clearly continue to be a wonderful option for working out at the gym, but the trend of wearing bike shorts with crop tops and huge man-style blazers is on its way out, if not already gone.

These wonderful knit style shorts are replacing their place. I keep seeing these knit suits, short suits, which are a great, modern, fresh, and easy to wear version to the classic fashioned bike short.

Fitted Type Pant

The trend for wearing loose slightly larger wide leg pants appears to be here to stay, however they tend to be replacing the cigarette style, more fitted type pant.

This will not last indefinitely. The cigarette style pants that are tapered at the ankle will make a comeback, bringing the trends full circle.

So don’t get rid of them entirely; instead, consider adopting a slightly wider, larger leg pant into your wardrobe. Summer clothing calls for a somewhat looser fit. It’s light, airy, and comfortable, which is ideal for warmer months.

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As a result, this is something I’m witnessing. The more fitted, narrower cigarette style pant is on the decline, whereas our wider style pants aren’t going away; they’re just gaining traction.

Chunky Sneakers

Many of you will be relieved to learn that chunky style sneakers are being replaced out in favor of retro style sneakers.

What happens with these retro sneakers is that they get more streamlined and finer look, making them more wearable for a wider range of people.

Those chunky style sneakers were definitely on trend, but they’ve outlived their usefulness.

And these retro style sneakers are excellent since they provide comfort, ease of style, and just a hint of fashion.

They’re not nearly as outrageous as those oversized sneakers, though. Instead of those enormous chunky sneakers, choose retr ostyle sneakers.

Leather Look Leggings

he following trend isn’t necessarily summer related, but leather and leather-look leggings are being replaced out in favor of a wider leather or leather-look pant.

This is also a more flattering look. We do know that when it comes to a classic pant style that is now in style, wide leg pants are the fashion to go.

This can be seen in leather and leather-like forms as well.

I’ll never part with a pair of leather leggings because they’re that piece I can bring out when it’s very cold and they’re just an easy basic. So I’m not going to get rid of them.

But I’m thinking about tossing them aside in favor of a leather or leather-look pant with a wider leg.

The beauty of this style is that it helps to balance proportions and makes it easier to create together a more relaxed and well-proportioned outfit.

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At the end of the day, it makes often the difference between a decent outfit and a truly spectacular outfit.

Summer Trends Out of Style


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